Crown of Midnight Review

Crown of Midnight cover

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in The Throne of Glass series, read at your own risk!

Crown of Midnight Book Review

By: Claire Rankin

“Then Celaena and the King of Adarlan smiled at each other, and it was the most terrifying thing Dorian had ever seen.” — Sarah J. Maas

Ladies and gentlemen the second novel in the Throne of Glass series was released on August 15, 2013! Oh, and yes I know that was over two years ago! The much loved Throne of Glass was the precursor to this appropriate sequel, which will have certain fans squealing with pleasure and other fans gawking at the pages in frustration.

Crown of Midnight allows your favorite characters from Throne of Glass to return and discover things, about themselves and each other, that readers had never expected. Introducing new characters as well, Sarah J. Maas has written a beautiful intermediary novel allowing devoted readers a seamless bridge between Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire, the third installment of the series. I won’t lie and say the entire novel is riveting, because it does have moments of deliberate calm. But don’t be deceived, each calm gives way to a storm more turbulent then the last.

All your beloved characters return – Chaol, Celeana, Dorian, the King of Adarlan, and Nehemia. Chaol must choose between his allegiances. Dorian has to grapple with a lost inheritance that has resurfaced. Celeana must battle not only with the duties given to her by the king of Adarlan, but also those of Nehemia and Queen Elena. The King of Adarlan is up to his usual evil and Nehemia’s story becomes surrounded in more despair then, perhaps, them all.

Few new characters are introduced, as I mentioned it is an intermediary novel, but those that are play key roles in the lives of each character. The entire cast has been changed forever and readers enter the world of Adarlan again in a flurry of ups and downs in beautiful sequence. Personally, I found the novel, just as good or better than Throne of Glass, but don’t just take my word for it hear what other have had to say –

Official Review:

“Vivid Celaena, loving and brutally violent in turn, is a fully realized heroine. The ending comes at the right time—at the close of one storyline and prologue of another—to leave readers impatient for the next installment.” —Kirkus Reviews

Crown of Midnight can be purchased at bookstores including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.

If you are interested go grab a copy and enjoy! 🙂

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