Storm Review

Storm Book Cover

Storm (Elementals #1) Book Review

By: Rae (aka Your’s Truly)

“In or out Becca?” – Brigid Kemmerer

Becca Chandler isn’t having a very good junior year…week… day. First off her ex-boyfriend turns out to be a total jerk – jerk is the nicest word I labelled him with while reading. But when his lie turns Becca into the school whore, Becca is ready to be done with school and boys altogether. Then one night after a self-defense class Becca saves fellow classmate Chris Merrick’s life. Chris isn’t just another high school punk – he can control water. Cool right? Unfortunately by trying to do the right thing, Becca ends up in a whole lot of trouble. With more attention than she can ever want, Becca must decide between Chris the guy she can’t stop thinking about and Hunter aka Mr. Hottie that seems to show up at all the right moments to save the day.

What is a girl to do? Who can she trust? And why is she a target?

Storm is chalk full of family and high school drama. I couldn’t help but yell at about half of the characters in times of stupidity or annoyance. High school, especially in this story, sucks. I wouldn’t ever want to be in Becca’s place… unless I got Chris or Hunter or any of the other Merrick brothers. Speaking of which, I fell in love with the Merrick brothers and Hunter. The brothers each have a power – so jealous – and have a heck of a time controlling said power. Hunter isn’t a Merrick but is still important and also has a power too – plot twist – but I won’t say what power it is. It doesn’t help that the Merrick parents were killed and the community really doesn’t want them there. Tough love. I can’t pick a favorite brother… because all of them have their enduring/frustrating characteristics that stick with you from beginning to end.

One aspect of the book that was not my favorite had to be the implication and use of the word rape. While this is a personal dislike more than anything else I just think mentioning it, with numerous threats and innuendos involving Becca, took away something from the story giving her a damsel in distress vibe that I originally didn’t see her having. Oh and a lot of the families have a lost family or tragic family disaster. It was rough.

Another aspect to pull on the heartstrings. On the flip side – Kemmerer did a great job of creating a realistic world where all the characters jump off the page. The brothers are dysfunctional, but still a family regardless of how they act with each other. Their protectiveness, snark, and loyalty is what made Storm so interesting to me.

Storm is the first book of the Elemental series. The series continues, all books are out and available for purchase, with Gabriel Merrick’s story, then Hunter’s, Nick’s, and finally Michael’s.

What Others Are Saying –

“A refreshingly human paranormal romance…read fast and keep that heart rate up.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Awesome paranormal powers, a love triangle, risk-taking adventure, and the secret of Becca’s connection to the Merrick brothers create exciting chemistry in this edgy page-turner that will appeal to older teen and adult paranormal suspense fans, both male and female.” – VOYA

“A new take on the supernatural genre…[STORM] has great appeal to readers of supernatural fiction, as well anyone looking for a fast-paced story, realistic and relatable female protagonists, and serious issues.” – School Library Journal

Storm is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail stores.

Check it out now!

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