Zola Flash Book Review

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The Zola Flash Series book series

Zola Flash Review

By: Rae

“She doesn’t want to mate him.” The figure removes his hood and I smile. – T. Marie Alexander, Zola Flash

Book one in The Zola Flash Series begins with a planet being overrun with chaos. Readers are introduced to an alien world, no pun intended, were nothing is as it seems. 16 year old Zola Flash, a humanoid but not quite, is watching a battle between her people the Victian against the Payohlini. Taken by the Payohlini, Zola is forced to watch the murder of her people and family. Heartbroken and lonely, Zola has no other choice but to accept the help of an unlikely protector – a man of the same race she was taught to hate. Pin betrays his people to take Zola to Earth and there the two fight to fit in among the humans. As Zola uncovers secrets of live altering proportions, she is left with to chose between a love that is all consuming or a destiny that she is fated to experience.


The story of Zola, not finished by a long shot, is very fast paced and has on cliff-hanger ending. On Earth, Zola falls in love quickly with her supposed “guardian” Pin and catches the attention of a human boy named Trevor. I was worried about the clichéd issue of victim and rescuer but Zola and Pin’s relationship has lot of ups and downs and can be seen as realistic. The emotions Zola experiences are real and typically teen making her more relatable. Zola accepts her emotions, sometimes, but when Pin pushes her away one too many times, Zola turns to Trevor for affection. I can’t really get started on Trevor. He is a jerk… among other things. Pin on the other hand continues to perplex me and for the most part of the story is full of contradictions. I never was quite sure what was going on or why he was acting the way he was. There is a handful of other characters, human and half human, that appear throughout the story to highlight Zola’s desire for friends, family, and acceptance. It is only at the appearance of the Payohlini that everything falls into place.


While I won’t give any spoilers away, ultimately I am left with a lot of unresolved issues concerning Zola Flash. There were things I liked and things I didn’t like. I really want to know more about the prophecy  (spoiler!) and the world in which she comes from. It was so strange and new. I also want more of Zola Flash and Pin. I feel like there are big things T. Marie Alexander has left out and I am looking forward to reading and experience more of her story and the stories of her friends. I want Zola to receive the love and freedom she deserves.


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