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The Killer Contract Agency
Release Date: November 30th 2015
Summary from Goodreads:
Salina Sinclair hunts Malians, an alien species that preys on weak teenagers, making them crazy enough to kill themselves. But after being nearly burned alive by one, Salina is contacted by The Killer Contract Agency. Wielding the powers of The Bracelet and with her mentor, Carter, by her side, she exacts her revenge by taking out the Malians responsible for her near death.
But something big is happening with the Agency and operatives are dying. Will she find out what it is before it’s too late, or will the Agency be destroyed?


I followed him, and he opened the door. The floor creaked, protesting as if no one had been there in years, and finally we stopped at a room. It was just a house with wooden floors and red walls. Moldy red couches sat in the corners of the room, and it smelled like moth balls and rotted wood. It was as if an old person lived here before it was condemned. Joy! This was totally not a romantic place to take someone. I wondered if he liked me, and felt for me what I felt for him.

“Wait here,” he told me. “I have a surprise, as well as something to ask you.”

He walked out of the room and then came back with something behind his back: a red bucket with a spout. It was clearly marked: gasoline. To my horror, he popped off the top and then shook it all over me. I choked when it got in my mouth, and coughed it up.  The scent of it burned my nose and make me gag. I tried to run since I wasn’t ready to die. I never even graduated college yet. But it was no use running since Laurice was blocking the door with an evil smile on her face like a cruel high school snob, jealous of the ex-girlfriend.

“Did you really think you could get away with getting me in trouble like that?” she asked. “Did you really think that I wouldn’t find out about one of you here?”

What the hell is she talking about? Fear shot through me, causing me to freeze, and my palms were sweating like hell as I wondered what she was talking about. Mom’s conversation suddenly came back to me … Malians, Agency, and I’m involved.

I shook my head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a girl who’s just trying to find my place, a normal girl being harassed by an ordinary bully like you.” I tried to play the innocent girl act since she was just as crazy as my parents.

Her eyes narrowed, not believing me. “No, you’re a damn Hunter that hunts us as if we were dogs! I came to school to escape the planet that I was on since you shits kept killing us, yet you still haven’t killed yourself yet. I thought the mud would work, but evidently it didn’t since you’re not dead from suicide. Most normal human children that I push around kill themselves because they’re weak, and we are strong warriors, unlike you puny humans.”

“I don’t take the easy way out, bitch,” I replied, taking a step closer to her. “I never will, since I don’t want my parents to have to clean my blood off of the walls.”

Laurice just smirked, playing with a lighter she was holding.

I narrowed my eyes at her, determined not to show her fear … even at the price of my own death. Instead, I thought I might distract her. “A hunter of what? By the way, killing myself would be taking the easy way out.” I was still confused as to what is going on. Nope, she had to be crazy since I’d never hunted anything, not even a mouse.

Laurice smiled as she played with the lighter and then clenched it tightly in her hand. Suddenly, jagged fangs replaced her normal teeth, and her eyes turned to a solid green with black slits. “I’m part of the Malian race, Hunter, and you will not kill me like your people killed my family.”

Not human then, and my God are they ugly! Hunter? Again with the damned Hunter thing? My eyes narrowed. “You’re crazy. Out of your mind. You have the wrong person. You’re going to hurt me because you think I am a Hunter?” I told her, hoping to knock some sense into her.

“Nope; I know for a fact that you are, and with you dead we can take over the human race. But earth girls are smarter than I thought.”

Laurice suddenly opened the lighter, flicked it on and smirked as a bright orange and red flame flashed within the room, and threw it at me. It hit me, and the flames licked my body as soon as it hit the gasoline. Searing pain rushed through me, the worst pain in my life as soon as it burned through my clothes and then to my skin. I screamed and jumped around trying to put the fire out, but it was no use. There was no water anywhere, either, and the house was falling around me as the fire spread throughout the house. Suddenly, I was trapped as debris fell down from the ceiling, trapping me. Mind numbing agony caused me black out. But before I lost consciousness, I accepted the fact that I was going to die.



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About the Author

My name is Jessica Samuels.I am an author addicted to caffeine, and I have imaginary friends that keep me up at night begging for me to tell their story. I love writing in my spare time a long with reading books since I have been an avid reader since elementary school.


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