The Starriest Summer Review

The blog tour fairy strikes again! *squeals* I was able to get involved with this tour through YA Bound Book Tours and received an ARC of The Starriest Summer by Adelle Yeung. Below is a list of links to the other blogs on this tour. After a massive amount of scrolling is my review!

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Wow! That was more than I expected. But onto the review!

The Starriest Summer Cover

The Starriest Summer Book Review

By: Rae

“You’ve awakened the dormant Cycle of the Six Moons, and all the universes are doomed.”

– Adelle Yeung, The Starriest Summer

Being fifteen is hard enough. There is a lot for a teenage girl to worry about – like grades, life decisions, and boys. Saving the world never factored into Michelle’s future plans… unless it was video game related. Michelle likes to save the world, does so in fact whenever she gets the chance. But the games she plays aren’t real and there is always a reset button.

While her parents are away on vacation, she fears she will starve to death. See, her brother Aaron is genius smart and plans to work for NASA. Oh and has a Star Wars obsession but that is only a quirky, endearing fact. Home from college, he camps out in the garage, after stealing all the electronics in the house, and Michelle speculates on if he is dead or not. After a failed attempt to open the garage door, Michelle decides to risk stealing Aaron’s car to get groceries. Unfortunately for her, her brother decides to appear and promises to take her shopping after a quick shower. Of course by being fifteen and curious, Michelle sneaks out into the garage and discovers a weird set up of the house’s electronics. Caught in the act, Aaron asks if she wants to play his new “game.” Being a gamer, Michelle agrees. Then the story really begins.

Michelle is transported to a place called Starrs, a beautiful fantasy world full of magic, mutants, and attractive men. After getting over the initial suspicion that she was dead, Michelle embraces the “video game” with gusto. She learns she is the incarnation of the world’s Goddess Saei and is expected to “live as Goddness”… whatever that is supposed to mean. She meets Gediyon, a “mage,” who has a whole backstory to himself and likes to cook. She rescues Arriscyal’s prince Jaysonn from the evil king of Taesmal. Michelle makes a lot of cool toys, makes new friends, and tries to learn how exactly to be a Goddess. There are a few problems. Her appearance, an early appearance at that, has caused the Cycle to begin early. What does that mean? A whole lot of trouble. Plus how is she supposed to get home? Talk about a lot of responsibilities.

Overall I liked the book. I can’t decide which character I like the best. But Michelle was geeky and charming and totally a fifteen year old girl. Her hyperactive attitude and ability to speak and act without thinking lead to a lot of eye rolling on my part. I was amused and frustrated at times but her character did grow up… just not as fast as I would’ve liked. However that made her more real. She wasn’t some pseudo Goddess that knew everything and acted perfectly. This is only the first book in the series and I’m waiting for the other two books to see how the characters and their stories develop before I really make up my mind about this series. There is still so much more to know and Yeung only really gave us the briefest of hints and I feel like there is so much more I don’t know about the Cycles and the characters. But don’t just take my word for it… get The Starriest Summer and see for yourself what this world is about.


This book will be available for purchase on December 20!

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