Five Things

Five things

By: Rae


Somebody once asked me

what was it that made me f a l l

in love with you.


I pretended I didn’t hear them

for reality was too hard

to handle.


And yet my heart whispered.

At first glance I will always remember

your smile.

It was full of joy,

complete abandon to whatever

humored you at that moment.


I always hoped it was because of me.

For if I was the reason you smiled

then maybe you wouldn’t

 forget me after you                                     l  e ft.


My second glance was one of caution,

for something warned me that

I should be on guard.


But just one peek had me f a l l i n g

for your laughter.

I couldn’t help but join in.

I wanted to share in your happiness

for you made me laugh even

when I didn’t want to.


Time passed and the third realization happened

I had begun to crave your affection.


How you could make me feel so



was a mystery to me.


For at night when I’m tired or scared

all I want is you to be there and never

                                                                                 let                                        go.


The fourth reason was a surprise

for it had to deal with my past.

It happened slowly but I woke up one day

noticing I didn’t mind  your touch.


I wanted to hold your hand.

I wanted to be t u c k e d securely

under your shoulder

when before I just wanted to stand



The final thing is hard to admit.

I fell in love with you because

you are you.


Even underneath trying to impress me

I still saw – you.


I didn’t mind your annoying habits.

Or your awful taste in music

Or how much of a nerd you were about some things.


It was just who you are.

My heart stopped its whispering.


The silence blissfully returned.

For in the end I made a mistake

and you were already


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