An Eclipsing Autumn Review


An Eclipsing Autumn Book Review

By: Rae

“But when I look, there’s nothing. No stars. No light. Only darkness…”

– Adelle Yeung, An Eclipsing Autumn

My hope when writing this review was to be calm. However I’ve stopped and started this review about six times because I have no idea where to begin. I may be suffering from a book coma. But here it goes.

So Michelle is back and has more problems than ever. Being fifteen, trapped in another universe, and finding out your a goddess is bad enough. Throw boys, hormones, and death into the mix and the lines between sanity and darkness begin to blur – literally. An Eclipsing Autumn starts right where A Cycle of the Six Moons leaves off. Something I must point out is relieving since it just ended the last time for me. Anyway Michelle is off with her trustworthy gang of followers and protectors to learn how to control her powers. While learning from Saechin Kan Se, aka Mr. Know It All, things start to go wonky. First Michelle is getting a hard lesson when it comes to not taking what others say to heart. The real lesson behind Saechin’s verbal smackdowns I believe was to have Michelle believe in herself and embrace her inner goddess. My fear is that lesson didn’t quite stick. Inbetween her own identity crisis, both Geydion and Jayse have issues of their own. Geydion is displaying some signs of a possible illness – later in the story this becomes more prominent. Jayse is just… having issues. I can’t really pinpoint where to start without giving anything away. I will say it has something to do with an event that occurred when he was six *cough* and with his younger brother! Also what is up with him and Michelle? The tension between them… jeez.

Continuing with my thoughts on the themes of identity and inner strength, Michelle breaks down a lot through this novel. Her tears becoming a normal occurence for me. At first I was like “you can do this, stop crying” and other times I wanted to cry with her. The poor girl has no idea what she is doing, is being pulled in six different directions, and I don’t think anyone understands her. The entire universe sees the goddess. It is a lot of one sixteen year old girl to handle. Maybe even too much for her to realistically handle. Hmm. Plus she didn’t even get to celebrate her birthday! Instead Michelle goes from a grumpy teacher to being kidnapped (twice) to having a massive twist in her character at the end of the book. Every time I thought she was getting a grip on things, or managing somewhat nicely, someone else came along to stir the plot. Her unlimited power made me wonder how invisible she was, until it was taken away – can’t say anymore! Sorry!

To touch base with the other characters, everyone is back and badder than ever. Everything I thought I knew about Jayse, Geydion, and even Michelle’s brother changes. I have some many questions that if I let myself go this entire review would become a Q & Q moment with me arguing to myself about what to try and figure out first. All I can really settle on is the fact I was not disappointed and can’t wait to see how the characters continue to grow. I’m not sure who the good guys and bad guys are anymore. So many lines have been crossed. How is Jayse going to cope with everything he learned? Will Geydion ever remember his past? Will Dreana, who plays a larger role in book two, prove herself to be a traitor? What happens to Wolf? Will Michelle chose to fight or give in? Again so many questions with a cliff hanger ending that had me gaping at my blinking cursor.

An Eclipsing Autumn did not disappoint. While I find some parts rushed and other parts so interesting I just wanted to stay in that world forever (points to the creation and beauty of Glaywerf and The Digger), book two fulfilled my hopes of improvement from book one. The characters were richer. The story plot was intense. The history left me intrigued and I may even try to play a video game after all. Book three I hope *fingers-crossed* is able to bring together all the loose pieces of the puzzle and continue with the action packed ending of book two. I need to know how the rest of the moon phases play out. I also need to figure out how all the characters come into their “true” personas. So much is missing!

Identity issues, deaths (and there are some shocking deaths), and crazy plot twists aside, An Eclipsing Autumn was a great read. The wait for book three begins!

Who, in the end, will be the ultimate sacrifice?


Click here for more information about author Adelle Yeung and The Cycle of the Six Moons Series!

A special thanks to Adelle for providing an ARC copy and giving me the chance to review this book!

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