Immurement Review


Immurement Review

By: Rae


“I’m not afraid to kill him, not after everything I’ve been through.”

– Norma Hinkens, Immurement


Have you ever stopped to think about what the world would be like if disaster struck? What if the government was overrun by corruption? What if global warming caused the Earth’s core to explode in a fiery inferno? What if a super virus killed everyone? Today the end of the world is a popular topic. There are survival books available for those who want to be prepared. There are celebrations and familiar pop culture terms like Y.O.L.O. In literature, dystopian fiction, mainly in the YA genre, are appearing like populating flies, each author taking a new spin on how the world as we know it will self-destruct.

In Immurement, a series of events occurs leaving the world in a post-apocalyptic setting. Only a few remain, the survivors fractioned into different groups. There are the Undergrounders and the Subversives, both fighting each other to habit what little land remains on the Earth. Derry Connelly remembers the day world ended, now sixteen, she is still haunted by the loss of her mother and struggling to keep what family she has left in one piece. Like most teenagers she is often overcome by indecision and emotional turmoil. She wants to fight, to prove herself, and yet when given the chance she often causes trouble. Her attention span, lack of courage, and self-doubt put her on the bottom of the totem pole in the hierarchy amongst her group’s survivors. Derry herself fit her role well. With everything she was put through as the story progresses her internal conflict properly effected the plot and what was going on.

Immediately the plot and outline of the story is a nonstop action thriller with something happening to someone on every page. There are hints of the backstory, of the whys and hows of what happened, but mainly Immurement is bent on offering a turbulent ride of emotion and danger. I don’t remember a page that didn’t involve someone being hurt, someone being kidnapped, someone threatening someone, or Derry not self-doubting herself. While I saw what the plot was supposed to be and saw where the story was supposed to accomplish, I was somewhat distracted by trying to retain all the information being thrown at me amidst the action. I wanted more explanation and character development. The characters to me where the best part. I loved Mason. But, I wanted to see flashbacks of before and after the end of the world to see how the characters had changed. I was tantalized by what I didn’t know and felt cheated at the end.

Overall I did enjoy the book and the new spin on the end of the world series. I will have to read book two to see what happens, make my final decision on how I felt, and to get the answers to my questions.

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