Interview with Poppy Lawless

Hello my lovely readers!

After  getting to meet Poppy through participating on a previous tour, I was able to conduct a email interview with her *high fives*

Meet Poppy Lawless.

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Romance author. Cupcake connoisseur. Certified herbalist. Beach bum. Fan of all things Starbucks. Holistic healing advocate. Surfer girl wanna-be. Lost guru. Maker of dandelion wine. Counselor. Paranormal buff. Etsy addict. Secretly Jedi. So not a geek girl. Gifted in sarcasm. Hot wife. Ninja mom. And now, I’m ready to share a whole head full of witty, mouthy, smart, lovely, heart-warming, and hot characters with the world. Are you ready?

Poppy Lawless is the author of The Glass Mermaid. Poppy holds degrees in English and Psychology. She is a counselor in the field of mental health and is a trained herbalist. Poppy’s new series blends the best of romance with a Practical Magic or contemporary Bewitched appeal.

 What was one thing you learned about yourself while writing The Cupcake Witch?

“Great question! Well, I learned that I am total foodie…who cannot bake! I loved dreaming up all the things Julie could make, things I would love to eat. I’m told I’m a great cook, but my baking stinks. I can even burn store-bought cookie dough. It’s a sad truth.

On a much more serious note, this book also made me reflect on the idea of following our dreams. So many people just get pushed along by the tide into a profession, few ever following their bliss. This book was about two people who bucked the system and did what their hearts wanted them to do. That we should all follow our bliss is a belief I hold dear.”


Do you hear from your readers much?

“My readers are a great bunch, and I appreciate them so much. I’m a relatively new author, so I do truly appreciate everyone willing to take a chance on my stories. A reader recently gave me the awesome idea of doing some adult color pages for my book. Loved it! In fact, you can grab a copy of Julie as a coloring sheet here:


Where there alternate endings to The Glass Mermaid that you decided not to use?

“Oh no, that book had its own path from the first word. The Glass Mermaid is one of those books you feel has been gifted to you rather than something you created, like I mined a gem from the collective unconscious. That book flowed as it wanted with very little input from me. Now I sound kooky ”


Are you working on anything now for The Chancellor Fairytales collection?

The Bee Charmer, the third Chancellor Fairy Tale releases in May. This summer, I hope to release The Stitch Witch, focusing on a new bridal boutique in Chancellor. In October, I’ll be back with a very interesting antique shop. I’m also planning on a Christmas release which would be the last book in this series. There will be a total of 6 books with a side story I am working on for my newsletter subscribers ”


Do you have a favorite character in any of your books?

“Oh gosh, that’s like trying to choose between my children. As I went down the list mentally, I realized how much I just adore this cast of character. I do have to admit I am partial to Kate, Cooper, Rayne, and Julie, but I love the others as well. I have a new character coming in The Bee Charmer, a faerie named Cassidy, who is so fun to write. I also love the three elderly witches in Chancellor who make me laugh every time they appear in the books.”


Why did you choose to write adaptions of fairytales and magical creatures?

“I think it has to do with being a mom to a little girl. We read and watch a lot of fairy tales and princess stories. I always catch myself wondering what a grown-up version of these would look like. It seems like the ideas won’t end!”


Are you a plotter or do you write as you go?

“Plotter, 100%. I have beats written for each chapter, brief summaries for what will be in the chapter, before I even sit down to write. I find that the process of plotting saves me loads of time when it comes to actually writing.”


You can find Poppy here!


Pinterest: (She lives here)



Stay tuned for my review of The Glass Mermaid coming out tomorrow.

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