Deadly Alliance Review

Note: I received an ebook copy of Deadly Alliance in exchange for an honest review.


Deadly Alliance


Deadly Alliance Review

By: Rae


 “A person can lose every shred of ambition.” – Kathleen Rowland, Deadly Alliance


Right from the start Deadly Alliance hits readers with suspense. Kathleen Rowland provides a nonstop action paced romance that leaves readers wondering what’s next. The hero of the novel is sexy, bad-ass, and retired Army Ranger Finbar Donahue. He is also the owner of an investment company. A triple whammy for sure. His partner in crime is sweet, shy, and wallpaper like – Rowland’s description at one point not mine – Amy Kintyre who aspires to own her own clothing line. Fin and Amy have a past, one that revolves around Amy’s ex-boyfriend Les Kelly who also happened to be Fin’s business partner. Then everything gets a little crazy.

At the opening of the story, Les is dead, someone is stealing from Fin’s company, Amy really needs a job to give her clothing line financial stability, and there are three gangs fighting for dominance in the town where everyone lives. Sounds complicated right? Well that isn’t even the half of it. Wallpaper Amy, the genuine sweet girl, ends up witnessing not one but two gang related events in the span of the first few chapters. In between being hired by Fin, finding suspicious paperwork from Les, Amy is dealing with the unwanted attraction she feels for Fin. During the second stumbling upon a gang meeting Amy manages to take pictures of the participants but while running away she forgets her purse. Now the gang members know who the snitch is. This opens up a really big can of worms while leading to the story’s climax.

It’s been a while since I read something this fast paced. I missed some important things as I tried to keep pace with who was who and what was happening during each new scene. One minute Amy and Fin are at a restaurant and then Fin is here with his father at his father’s home and then everyone’s together again. I feel Deadly Alliance has potential. For me I just wanted it to slow down, cut out some descriptors, look more at the characters individually, and ground the reader to the events of the story better.


 Looking for a quick romance with touches of danger? Check out Deadly Alliance now.

To learn more about Kathleen Rowland, visit her website here.

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