Death on the Nile, Guest Review

Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile

By: Claire Rankin



Death on the Nile was published first on November 1st, 1937 after Agatha Christie returned from a holiday in Egypt. Now I know this is tad different from what we usually review, but I have always been a mystery lover. I just read this book and absolutely loved it! Hold onto your hats boys and girls!

Dame Agatha Christie made her career off of murder. Between Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, Miss Jane Marple, and her quirky Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, she is responsible for some of the most perplexing mysteries of our time. All of her exploits were, of course, fictitious. However, that doesn’t mean they do not possess the stunning realism that made each of her novels as much as a character study as a mystery novel.

In Death on the Nile, Hercule Poirot finds himself on holiday along the Nile River with, as always, a peculiar cast of characters. From the wealthy socialite Linnet Doyle, with her adoring husband and best-friend turned stalker Jacqueline de Bellefort, to the shy Cornelia Robson, who depends upon a wealthy relative for her European experience, the entire cast seems to have one or more secrets. Some of these secrets, true to Christie’s form, could be deadly. While worrying by themselves, once all the secrets are added with the murder of one of the congregation they send Poirot on a quest to find the murderer.

This stimulating novel will allow readers to fly through its pages and be amazed by the way the murder was accomplished as well as the easy way Hercule Poirot explains it. The novel is excellent and is yet another explain of Agatha Christie’s murderous genius. As usual we wish no one to take only our opinion on books.


Pleas see what others have had to say about Death on the Nile:

“The construction is flawless.”– Daily Mail in London

“Must be read twice, once for enjoyment and once to see how the wheels go round.”– The Times in London

“A peach of a case for Poirot. I take my hat off to the author for as ingenious an alibi as can well be imagined.”– Sunday Times in London

Death on the Nile can be purchased via, and other book stores near you.

As always enjoy your reading whether your books come from our recommendations or your own exploration!

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