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windrunner's daughter

Windrunner’s Daughter
Bryony Pearce

Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: February 4th 2016
Xist Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

A sabotaged colonization attempt leaves the last humans in the universe stranded on Mars. Braving a half-terraformed atmosphere, terrifying indigenous species, and a colony government that is openly hostile, a young girl named Wren must defy tradition to save her mother and perhaps, every human left.

It is forbidden for women to steal the wings that allow a select group of runners to carry messages and goods between colonies. It is forbidden to cross the wastes with a sand storm on the horizon and it is certainly forbidden to share the secrets of the windrunners with those who spend their entire lives in the biospheres.

But what choice does she have?

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bryony pearce

About the Author

I am an author of YA thrillers and science fiction.

Angel’s Fury (winner of the Leeds Book Award and the Cheshire Schools Book Award),The Weight of Souls, published in 2013, Phoenix Rising, published 2015 (shortlisted for Cheshire Schools Book Award and Wirral Paperback of the Year), Phoenix Burning,March 2016, Windrunner’s Daughter, February 2016 and Wavefunction, April 2016.

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Guest Post from the Author:

Science fiction is fun by Bryony Pearce

The thing about writing science fiction, is that it is fun. When I decided that Windrunner’s Daughter and should be set on Mars, I did a lot of research into what it would take to terraform that planet. I found out really interesting facts about space mirrors, asteroids being diverted, algae, ethics, distances, climates, gases, rocks and all sorts of brilliant things.

I researched flight and wind patterns, biospheres and biology.

I put in exploding space ships, giant machinery, Martian snake monsters, a plague and a pyramid. I gave people wings.

Part of the book is inspired by events in Europe in the 14th century, when an English village found out that the plague had arrived and quarantined themselves, not letting anyone in or out, until the illness burned itself out. They all died, but the illness did not spread further, not from them.

Science fiction can be inspired by many different things, even things that happened hundreds of years ago.

There are serious issues in my book, but mainly it’s fun. It was fun to write and I hope fun to read. It’s filled with action, adventure and flying over alien landscapes.

I hope you like it.


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