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Tenderfoot(1).jpgTenderfoot (Enova #1)
By Abby Drinen
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: June 25th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

“No lights, no sound. But my skin knows this isn’t home. Why aren’t I afraid?”

Orphaned teenagers, Linnea, Sammy, Logan, and Daisy, have never met until they’re drawn into the fabric between worlds, crossing over from Earth to a place called Enova. Leaving behind lives filled with pain and loss they find hope in this new place. Adopted by caring, Enovan families they begin to settle in, but an assassination attempt on their lives changes everything. These four strangers must now band together and unravel the mysteries behind their purpose in Enova if they want to survive.

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My novel “Tenderfoot” is told from four different points of view so I thought it might be fun to interview all of them, talk show style. In this script, a radio personality, Gyehost, interviews the Tenderfoots on what it’s like to crossover from Earth to the world of Enova. The style I wrote it in is a bit silly and campy, not quite the same tone I use for the novel, but I think readers will get a taste of the character’s personalities and glean some information about the story, and the world of Enova. Hopefully, your readers will find it interesting enough to go on to read an excerpt from “Tenderfoot” on my website http://www.abbydrinenwrites.com.

GYEHOST: Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Good Morning, Enova!” The number one radio talk show for all territories in Enova World. I’m your host, Gyehost, and my guests this morning are the newest crop of Tenderfoots to cross over into our world from Earth. Please join me in welcoming: Linnea of Iceland, Sammy of The Congo, Logan of America, and Daisy of the Philippines . . . or is it America? I have conflicting reports. Daisy, which territory in Earth World are you from?
DAISY: Well, we call them countries, Guy, and I was born in the Philippines, but left when I was nine. My Earther mom and me traveled on a boat over to America, and I lived there until I woke up here in Enova. So, I’m kinda from both places.
GYEHOST: I see, I see. Logan, you’re from America, too. You must have known Daisy before coming here.
(Logan and Daisy laugh)
LOGAN: No, America is a really big place with millions of people. Daisy was in a part called California, and I lived a couple thousand miles away in a place called South Dakota.
GYEHOST: Millions of people? Wow, that’s probably hard for most Enovans to imagine. I think our largest population is in Zantumay Territory with about ten thousand people. Do you know the exact number Sammy?
GYEHOST: Just give us your best estimate.
SAMMY: I don’t know.
DAISY: Sam is more of the strong, silent type.
GYEHOST: Strong, yes! You folks at home, listening to this broadcast, should see the muscles on this Tenderfoot! No worries, Sammy if you don’t want to talk much. What about you, Linnea? How are you finding the cold climate in Kiva? Do you like living in an apartment made of ice?
LINNEA: I come from a very cold place so it hasn’t been too much of a change.
GYEHOST: What’s been the biggest change for you, here?
LINNEA: I’d have to say the food. And some of the technology.
GYEHOST: What food was the hardest to get used to?
LINNEA: Iwi blubber. It’s basically just a hunk of fat from an iwi fish so it seemed pretty gross at first. But it has a buttery texture and a good flavor. I actually like it now.
GYEHOST: You mentioned technology, what’s surprised you the most about Kivan technology.
LINNEA: The Leuksa shirts we wear to keep warm. It’s strange wearing something heated.
GYEHOST: Are they comfortable?
LINNEA: The material is very soft. You can’t feel the wires that run through it that carry the warmth.
GYEHOST: Now what about you, Logan? You woke up in Harawak Territory, correct?
LOGAN: Yep. Enovan farm country.
GYEHOST: Yes, it is where most food is grown for Enova! Is there any foods or technology you’ve found a challenge to get used to?
LOGAN: I guess. At first there was a lot of stuff to remember, but now that I’ve been here almost a year I’ve caught on to how things work. But what’s still weird for me is how tall the Harawak people are.
GYEHOST: Well, you are a pretty tall guy yourself. How tall are you, Logan?
LOGAN: 6 foot 2, but that’s short compared to most Harawaks. Even the ladies are, like, 6’4, 6’5.
GYEHOST: Something tells me you like to spend a lot of time with the ladies, am I right, Logan?
LOGAN: I do my part.
GYEHOST: Yes, I’m sure you do. Now Daisy, tell us about your experiences in Lutrenia Territory. Do you get along with your adopted family?
DAISY: My adopted family is awesome! I love my new parents; they’ve were so patient with me as I recovered from the Deep Sleep. It takes a lot out of you traveling between worlds! And I was really confused when I woke up. I actually hit my poor Enovan mother in the mouth!
GYEHOST: Why did you do that?
DAISY: I thought I’d been kidnapped.
GYEHOST: Oh my! That must have been terrifying. Were the rest of you afraid when you woke up here?
LOGAN: Not me. I’m used to waking up and, er…um, having to guess where I am.
GYEHOST: Where did you guess you were when you woke up in Enova, Logan?
LOGAN: I thought I was in a Drug Rehab.
DAISY: (snickering) Of course, you would think that, Wolf!
LOGAN: It’s her silly nickname for me. Because I acted like an animal when we first met, right, Red?
GYEHOST: And I assume a ‘wolf’ is an animal from Earth world?
LOGAN: Yep. Pretty vicious predator.
GYEHOST: And what did you call Daisy? Red?
DAISY: I had a red hood on when we met.
GYEHOST: When Logan acted like the predator?
DAISY: Yes, but we’re good now. We made friends.
LINNEA: (under her breath) We’re not all friends.
GYEHOST: What was that, Linnea?
LOGAN: I said I was sorry like a million times!
LINNEA: Sorry isn’t enough for what you did!
DAISY: Hey, it was a really stressful situation when we all met up. No of us were acting like ourselves can’t we just─
SAMMY: I wasn’t afraid when I woke up here. I was very relieved because I thought I was in a hospital.
GYEHOST: Ah, yes, what was that Sammy?
SAMMY: I was relieved when I woke up in Enova.
SAMMY: The last thing I remembered in Earth World was being shot. When I woke up here, I thought I was in a hospital. I thought I’d be taken care of.
GYEHOST: And were you? Were you taken care of by your Zantu family?
SAMMY: Papi Muluc is very good to me.
(long pause)
GYEHOST: Zantus have large families, are there any other folks in your household who are good to you?
SAMMY: My adopted brother, Heliz.
(another long pause)
GYEHOST: Okay. Thanks for sharing a bit, Sammy. Now, on a more serious note, a little over a week ago you four were almost poisoned to death, is that correct?
(Mumbles of agreement are heard)
GYEHOST: And now the Sekai Council is sending you away to keep you safe? Do any of you know where you’re headed?
GYEHOST: What’s that? Hold on, I’m getting a message from our producer…oh, yes… I see. Okay…fine. Sorry folks, listening at home, we aren’t allowed to talk to the Tenderfoots about their immediate plans. Top Secret stuff! So thank you Linnea, Sammy, Logan, and Daisy for your time and best of luck in the coming weeks. We look forward to hearing great things from you’re safe, and headed to the virium mines! Enova thanks you in advance for your service to us in the mines! Tune in next week, when I’ll interview Monra the Ancient! Until then, this is Gyehost, for Good Morning, Enova!

Abby DrinenAbout the Author
I call Northern California home and share my hearth with my husband, three kids, and a red Rottweiler named Paco. I like to write about real characters in unreal worlds. The question I ask myself when I sit down at the keyboard is: how can I make this next scene a whole lot of fun to read?
Email: abbydrinenwrites@gmail.com (I LOVE to hear from readers!)
Pinterest: pinterest.com/abbydrinen (lots of pictures of Enova, plus characters, and other extras!)
Wattpad: wattpad.com/user/enovalady (rough drafts of my novellas)
Movellas: movellas.com/user/enova/movellas (rough drafts of my other stories & novellas)

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