Sneak Peek of Love Letters to the World

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Here’s a sneak peak of Meia Geddes’ recently released book, Love Letters to the World! In this lyrical collection, Meia touches on helmets, life, love, toes, adoption, and more. A lot of things influenced the book, including Meia’s adoption from China, her experiences with her small origami business (Make-A-Crane), and her time in South Africa. Those who are fans of Rupi Kaur or Mary Oliver’s poetry might enjoy the collection.

My dear world,

I wonder if you would agree with me that slip is a very good word. Slip is currently my favorite word, though I have never had a favorite word before. Maybe slip is my new favorite word because all the lovely intangibles can slip into your life without your noticing until the slip of your being realizes it is so. Maybe it is because I have a need to slip my life into you in ways unknown, maybe because you, world, are a slip of a word. Maybe because it relates to the way one wants to live, leaving an imprint but no more, maybe because I like the way bodies can slip into one another, maybe because a slip as a garment is ever contradictory, a container yet not. A slippage, what has not come to pass or what has passed, a bit of nothingness or a bit of everything if one considers all a slip of paper might hold. The word slip contains and offers itself. Maybe one should aspire to be a slip, to slip.

With love,

My dear world,

I once heard tell of a tall young man who wore a helmet everywhere he went. He bumped his head so often that he decided it was a necessary precaution. Imagine having to protect the space around your head like that. I think we all strive to be like this young man, wearing our respective helmets, protecting ourselves from the doorways and ceilings of the human life. And when we go to sleep at night, when we are running in open fields, when we are sitting still in high-ceilinged places, we can let the helmets fall to our sides. I did not mean for this to nearly rhyme, but I guess it is not a bad thing, for rhyming can create unity, and walking down the street or through a house with a helmet on one’s head will have a sweet and certain beat, like a person is trying and succeeding.

With love,

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