Guest Book Review: Winter

“Do me a favor princess . . . The next time someone says they’re going to kill you, don’t just let them. – Marissa Meyer, Winter


Winter Review
By: Claire Rankin

If you’ve seen the reviews for the to the installments of Marissa’ Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles and have yet to get to Winter, not to fear! There are no spoilers in this review.

In November it will be one year since Winter hit the shelves as the final installment of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. The fairy-tale inspired plot which began with Cinder has been wrapped up beautifully in Winter. So hold onto your hats everyone as we give you a little preview!

Your favorite characters are back and, as per usual, have no end of troubles. Thorne and Cress continue their dance through Cress’ nervousness and Thorne’s own insecurity, while Scarlet and Wolfe are still separated causing his temper to be on a razor’s edge. Winter, the beloved princess of Luna, watch as the palace walls bleed and Jacin, her beloved guard, is doing all he can to prevent her from entirely losing her mind. So throw in a Lunar revolution, a few evil thaumaturges, and a well woven plot for Marissa Meyer to let this party go out with a bang.

Winter acts as a wonderful ending to a fun series. In a plot turn I didn’t see coming, Queen Levana finally reveals how truly mad, mad crazy not mad furious, she is in a rambunctious cat fight with Cinder for the throne of Luna.

As usual I ask you not take my word for it and see what other had to say about the novel:

“Our Snow White stand-in, Winter, is beautiful in spite of facial scars, kind to all she encounters, mentally fragile, and in love with her lowly guard, Jacin . . . Meyer’s series has sold well and achieved a degree of acclaim. This conclusion’s cinder-block size should only drum up further interest.” ―Booklist.

“Meyer has a way of dragging out the most minute of details until the storyline is so dredged and prodding, it borderlines boring. On the other side of the coin, her characters are strong, resolute, and their personalities are wondrous to explore between chapters.” — Customer review via Amazon.

Visit Marissa Meyer at her website to learn more about the Lunar Chronicles!

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