Mystery Thriller Week 2017 Line Up

Hello everyone!

The fun begins as Mystery Thriller Week 2017 (#MysteryThrillerWeek or #MTW) kicks off tomorrow. This is the biggest mystery event for the genre!

Below is the lineup I have for the event. Each day for the next 10 days I will be hosting a number of authors, each contributing a guest post from writing mystery to a how to guide when working with audiobooks. There is a little something for everyone!

A big thanks to all the authors who participated! It has certainly been an exciting adventure and opportunity.

welcome MTW.jpg

Day 1 – Mystery

10AM – Kristina Stanley

12PM – Mahrie G. Reid


Day 2 – Cozy Mystery

8AM – Mary Angela

10AM – Hope Callaghan

12PM – Elizabeth Spann Craig

2PM – Jean Rabe


Day 3 – True Crime / Crime Fiction

8AM – Stephen Bentley

10AM – Daithi Kavanagh

12PM – L M Krier

2PM – Kimberly McGath


Day 4 – Thriller

8AM – Scott Bell

10AM – Sandra Block

12PM – D.M Barr


Day 5 – Romance

8AM – Vicki Batman

10AM – Zaheera Walker

12PM – Lily Black

2PM – Leslie Tentler


Day 6 – Paranormal

8AM – Stephen Morris

10AM – Brian McKinley

12PM – Scott Lerner


Day 7 – Writing

8AM – Rayne Hall

10AM – Anne Janzer

12PM – Kris Keppeler

2PM – Karen A. Wyle

4PM – Michael Smorenburg


Day 8 – Historical

8AM – Suzanne Adair

10AM – Maggi Andersen

12PM – Edwin Herbert

2PM – Assaph Mehr

4PM – Geoffrey Monmouth


Day 9 – Psychological

10AM – Rosa Fedele

10:30AM – Guest Review of Rose Fedele’s book The Red Door

12PM – Mary Ann D’Alto

2PM – Valerie Joan Connors

4PM – Sue Coletta


Day 10 – YA/Middle Grade

8AM – Jackie Amsden

10AM – Robbie Cheadle

12PM – Carrie Cross

2PM – Stephen C. Perkins

4PM – Shelley Pickens

6PM – Laura Wolfe

Want more?

Click here to visit the main site for M.T.W and see what other bloggers, reviewers, and authors are up to!

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