Day 3: True Crime / Crime Fiction; Kimberly McGath

Meet Kimberly McGath.


Kimberly McGath received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida.  Kimberly McGath ‘s law enforcement career spanned more than a decade in which she worked in the Special Victims Unit, Mounted Patrol, and the Criminal Investigations Bureau. McGath was the first and only detective in her agency to discover the whereabouts of a clandestine grave without an informant. McGath exhumed the body of this female victim which led her on a hunt of a serial killer.

McGath worked in various undercover roles and obtained many confessions from murderers and other violent felons. McGath earned the nicknames “Tenacious K” and “Bulldog” due to her relentless pursuit of the truth.

McGath received various academic awards and was recognized by the U.S. Secret Service for her investigation which led to the recovery of a fugitive from Kansas who had been in hiding for over twenty years. McGath has worked high-profile cold cases which have received worldwide media attention. McGath is also a singer/songwriter, a married mother of three, and nona.

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Guest Post – Beyond In Cold Blood

A lot of my readers ask me, “Why do you write?” The answer, at least in my case, is simple—I compose because I am obliged. Not for recognition, not for fame, and not even for money, but for my deep need to spread the truth…a compulsion, if you will. Writing has become part of my homeostasis.
Years ago, while working a 1959 cold case, I identified Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, the two killers immortalized in Truman Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood, as those responsible for the murders of a family of four. During this investigation, I started to journal. In fact, I needed to do so. It struck me as odd, because I have always preferred Mathematics to English, and had never written even a short story up until that point, so the desire to put fingers to the keys mystified my sense of logic.
Stumbling upon the identity of the Zodiac killer placed me, again, in this precarious position; only this time…there was not only a need to type, but to publish. Having investigated high-profile cases, I felt confident the only way to shed light on this decades-old mystery, was to share it with the public. In this inquiry, there was a sense of urgency, because the Zodiac killer is still alive, so a confession is still possible.
Providing closure and comfort to the family members of cold case victims, enhancing the understanding of the criminal mind to assist in the apprehension of criminals, and the prevention of future offenses are amongst my reasons for writing true crime. Recently though, I felt a need to divert myself from that genre, and step into medical literature. Having a child with a rare eye disease, I felt it prudent to tell that story, in the hopes of helping someone, most likely a person I have never met.
It is time to confess though, once bitten by the writing bug, my creative side yearned to awaken. Dabbling in fiction is a much-welcomed escape from the macabre material of late, and rather fun, but admittedly, my true passion is music. Whilst I am an accidental author, I will always be a musician at heart. Composing music, writing lyrics, and singing is what nourishes my soul. As there are many undertakings I need to accomplish, this is the one creative process for which I constantly yearn.
So for all of you aspiring authors out there who are wondering if you should, the answer is already before you. If you follow your gut, the rest will fall into place. Don’t worry about agents, editors, and publishers, just start tapping away at the keys, and you never know where they will take you.

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