Day 5: Romance; Zaheera Walker

Meet Zaheera Walker.

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Guest Post & Bio – It pays to love

Hello all the way from South Africa everyone. My name is Zaheera and I am hot on the trail of a serial killer. Now that is some serious investigation but the adrenalin drives me. Now don’t go judging a book by its cover because this author is a force to be reckoned with. Petite but driven is what I am so bring on the danger because I am ready to solve it.

I hold degrees in Journalism and Communication Science. I blog about my adventures, life and all things that go on Follow me. I love how the criminal mind works and I remember sitting glued to the television when Murder, She Wrote was on. Do you remember Angela Lansbury? Well I so wanted to be her. You have to follow the clues if you want to solve the mystery and I knew from an early age that is what I wanted to do. Feisty or fearless? I think I am a bit of both.

So how did it all start? During my rookie days at the Daily News in Durban I was exposed to the crime and court beats. From the trail of the suspect to the arrest, and from the bail application before a magistrate to the sentencing I found my calling. I wanted to get into the mind of serious offenders. What made them tick? Was there a school they attended that taught them how to be mean and green? I had to know. I just had to feed my curiosity.

I guess I got my first taste when I covered court cases at the Durban Magistrates’ Court. During the day I sat through murder, kidnapping, cash-in-transit heists, serial killers and fraud matters. In the evenings I raced back to the newsroom to type and polish my story to meet the deadline. My contact base grew and I had direct access to detectives, court officials and criminal records. I wasn’t ready to be with the criminal offenders but I had a pretty good idea how they operated (wicked laugh). The seed to write my debut novel was planted then and I guess my dream was realised when I self-published DEADLINE – a combination of romance and thriller – on 24 May 2016.

I am working on my next novel due for release in April 2017 so follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be in the loop.

About the book
In the words of reviewer Muhammad Moosa DEADLINE is a pulsating edge of the seat thriller with many surprises and a glimpse into an unknown world. Zaheera Walker writes with panache and flair in this richly entertaining and character laden treat. Set in the 1990s encapsulating a turbulent period for a rookie reporter faced with heartbreak, love and imminent danger as she pursues high risk assignments. Along the way many stereotypes are challenged and a vibrant cultural nexus juxtaposing religion, romance and career. Subtle and passionate, racy and romantic.

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