Day 10: YA/Middle Grade; Stephen C. Perkins

Meet Stephen C. Perkins.


In the creation of literary fiction is to be found an inherent irony; the truth!

Stephen Perkins is not only a novelist, but musician, singer, song writer, and intrepid adventurer, believing the only limits to the human imagination, perhaps the highest of all virtues, are merely self-imposed. Raging Falcon, an epic saga of terrorism, politics, romance, moral triumph and spiritual redemption, is his first novel, with a second, American Siren, yet another original epic tale warning of the pitfalls of celebrity and stardom, are both available on

Upon deciding to pursue a writing career, Perkins vowed he would not do so in the pursuit of mere commercial interests, but because he believed the art of storytelling is the remaking of myths, both new and old. An avid lover of classical art, literature and music, he also has a penchant for the consumption of fine coffees, especially cappuccino, which he finds helps stimulate the summoning of the muses. When not working on his third novel, Escape to Death, which shall soon be made available at and other fine online bookstores in all formats, he can be found assiduously researching new topics for his blog at, which features original many thought provoking posts dissecting the sinister nature of global politics and modern media, both mainstream and alternative.

Be the first to contact him now at to obtain exclusive material, including new blog posts and free sample chapters of his new novel Escape to Death!


The enduring popularity of mystery in the realm of popular literature shows no sign of abating. But, speculations abound as to why this is so. What important role do mystery stories play in our understanding of this ultra-modern age? Is there mystery perpetually stirring in the human breast, mixed with generous dollops of intrigue, perhaps even illicit sex, scurrilous vice, vicious violence and even vengeful murder? Indeed, is the concept of mystery the only mysticism left amidst the dizzying social and political complexities of our time, this technological juggernaut of the nascent 21st century?

In a world of omniscient surveillance and security, are there any mysterious frontiers left to be explored?

Throughout human history, mysteries have burned bonfire bright in the mind, the quest for answers to their seemingly impenetrable nature having sown myriad seeds in the imaginations fertile soil. Mystery, so it seems, plays not just an integral role in the creation of literature, but serves as the unshakable foundation for the world’s veritable hosts of religions and myths; the more intriguingly mysterious the doctrine, the greater the feats of its saints, the braver its intrepid heroes, the more tragic the death of its martyrs, thus greater in number the prospective adherents. Allowing one to broach educated theory, perhaps mystery is the very engine driving forth the human will to explore the unknown, to step beyond familiar boundaries, even, if only vicariously through the reading of popular literature. Speculating further still, perhaps one finds literary mysteries so inherently attractive because they provide lucid vistas, illuminating beacons into the dark corners of the human soul; those shadowy crevices of unspeakable character some sense of prevailing reticence never allows for self-introspection. Or is it fear, fear of the unknown that ironically drives forth curiosity in discovering those woeful beasts haunting the human heart? Could it be, endeavoring to read popular literature boldly daring to examine the darkest and most destitute aspects of human nature, allows for some variant of perverse wish fulfillment?

The answer would seem to be a resounding yes.

So, to, in becoming shocked and repelled by those darkest aspects of human nature manifested on the written page, one can strangely embrace those dreads, dreams, and nightmares lurking just beneath the fragile surface of human subconscious, and thereafter become the wiser, and better for it. We read mystery literature not only for entertainment value, but for the revelation of insights into what makes us unique as a human species. The best of popular mystery books creates memorable characters unveiling for us what we don’t, or can’t, see about ourselves, serving almost as therapeutic catharsis. Popular tastes, again and again, seek out literature placed in the mystery genre perhaps because there exists an inherent, almost intuitive sense, there awaits an epiphany hidden somewhere deep within its voluminous pages.

Within the meticulous architecture of well-drawn characters, within the details of sharply drawn stories, live the deepest revelations about ourselves, and our daily struggle to survive the pitfalls of an increasingly dangerous, and uncertain world.

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