Shout out to Mystery Thriller Week

Hello everyone!

 Mystery Thriller Week 2017 (#MysteryThrillerWeek or #MTW) comes to an end today.

Below is the wonderful lineup I had for the event. Each author contributed guest posts and generated numerous support. I enjoyed working with everyone and can’t thank everyone enough for the great experience.

So, this post is for you; the viewers, the followers, and the authors who made it all possible. Special acknowledgement to the MTW team for organizing everything.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! 


welcome MTW.jpg

Day 1 – Mystery

10AM – Kristina Stanley

12PM – Mahrie G. Reid

Day 2 – Cozy Mystery

8AM – Mary Angela

10AM – Hope Callaghan

12PM – Elizabeth Spann Craig

2PM – Jean Rabe

Day 3 – True Crime / Crime Fiction

8AM – Stephen Bentley

10AM – Daithi Kavanagh

12PM – L M Krier

2PM – Kimberly McGath

Day 4 – Thriller

8AM – Scott Bell

10AM – Sandra Block

12PM – D.M Barr

Day 5 – Romance

8AM – Vicki Batman

10AM – Zaheera Walker

12PM – Lily Black

2PM – Leslie Tentler

Day 6 – Paranormal

8AM – Stephen Morris

10AM – Brian McKinley

12PM – Scott Lerner

Day 7 – Writing

8AM – Rayne Hall

10AM – Anne Janzer

12PM – Kris Keppeler

2PM – Karen A. Wyle

4PM – Michael Smorenburg

Day 8 – Historical

8AM – Suzanne Adair

10AM – Maggi Andersen

12PM – Edwin Herbert

2PM – Assaph Mehr

4PM – Geoffrey Monmouth

Day 9 – Psychological

10AM – Rosa Fedele

10:30AM – Guest Review of Rose Fedele’s book The Red Door

12PM – Mary Ann D’Alto

2PM – Valerie Joan Connors

4PM – Sue Coletta

Day 10 – YA/Middle Grade

8AM – Jackie Amsden

10AM – Robbie Cheadle

12PM – Carrie Cross

2PM – Stephen C. Perkins

4PM – Shelley Pickens

6PM – Laura Wolfe

Missed the fun?

Click here to visit the main site for M.T.W and see what the other bloggers, reviewers, and authors have been up to!

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