Guest Review of Rabiah

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Rabiah: The Gift Review
By: Claire
Interesting and romantic are two adjectives that come to mind when thinking of Rabiah: The Gift by Lisa Lagaly.
Rabiah begins as a gift-less Clanswoman. She is a warrior, but beyond that she is not remarkable. Or so she thought. She meets Tristan on the battlefield. He marries her on the spot and the two soon discover they are soulmates. They have a gift that could only be unlocked with each other and when their home is threatened they must use that gift and their friends to help stop a great evil.
Rabiah and Tristan are the classic romantic couple. They act as if they have known each other their whole lives, while slowly unfolding the layers of themselves. Like many romances Tristan’s family is apprehensive when learning that their new daughter-in-law is a Clanswoman when his kingdom is at war with the Clans. With old friends and new allies, Rabiah and Tristan are able to maneuver their way through royal politics and supernatural threats.
The novel is  a whirlwind of action and interpersonal relationships that will entertain audiences from beginning to end. We recommend that people who enjoy a good old fashioned romance, some action, and magic read Rabiah: The Gift by Lisa Lagaly.
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