Fanfiction Friday Presents: unscriptedtimetraveler

Meet Alyssa the girl behind Tumblr’s unscriptedtimetraveler.
Alyssa was born in and currently lives in California, and will be attending university to major in English in the fall. She has been writing original short stories and poetry for years, but she began writing and posting reader-insert fanfiction for the Fantastic Beasts fandom in January of 2017. As a fellow Ravenclaw, she enjoys writing both fiction and fanfiction, as well as creatively expressing herself in art, when not swamped with stress and assignments of course.She enjoys immersing herself in the realm of books, and can be found reading anything from Fitzgerald to Crichton to everything in between. Other interests include watching movies, such as those of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Back to the Future, and listening to music of any genre besides country (but 80’s is a popular pick). Most of her works revolve around the character Newt Scamander, but she is contemplating writing more for other characters in the Harry Potter Universe in the future.
Find her on:
Twitter: @unscriptimetrav
Fanfic Piece

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