Fanfic Friday Presents: She-Who-Nailed-It from Tumblr

Hello everyone!

It’s no secret that I have a slight loving obsession for fanfiction. After some brainstorming I’ve decided to have a fanfic friday feature, once a month, where you can meet some of the awesome writers I follow on Tumblr and reconnect with some of the characters that you may have forgotten about.

If you know of any fanfic writers and want to nominate them for a feature, just send me a message.

Otherwise, enjoy and happy Fanfic Friday!

Hello it’s She-Who-Nailed-It from Tumblr!

And I’m here to give you some info about myself and whatever else crappy things I do.

will dis work.jpg

My name is She-Who-Nailed-It and I’m the sarcastic shrew behind some surprisingly so-called “popular” Newt fanfics on Tumblr. SWNI is a proud Slytherin (always) who likes to think people like her, but is in fact just an average 18 year old kiddo who’s kind of (a lot) lame and likes to make fun of herself when she is bored, as you can obviously tell.

Poking fun of myself isn’t just for my amusement, but for yours as I attempt to make you smile. Or laugh. Or that you’ll just hate me, which is always possible.

Aside from writing fanfiction,I’m also an artist who draws both digitally and traditionally! I’m basically that artist/writing person with the messy life style, minus those hipster glasses.

You will never find me no matter how hard you try, because I will always be hiding in my room, under a thousand layers of blankets, writing those crappy fanfic stories that people pretend to like.

Social media links
(literally just three. I’m a simple person) : Tumblr  deviantArt  Instagram
Link to the story I’m featuring –  Sleepless

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