Introducing Dave Connis

Meet Dave Connis.

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I write words you can sing and words you can read. I live in Chattanooga, TN with my wife, son, and a dog that barks at non-existent threats.

When I’m not writing YA or MG, I’m probably working really strange part-time jobs, and doing other things that actually give my family the ability to eat food. I’m a member of the Jedi Counsel, and I have a propensity to daydream when ever I attempt to be an adult.

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Onto the interview!
Do you have a go to song or playlist when you want to write but need to set the writing mood? 
I actually haven’t been writing with music lately! But eventually I’ll go back to turning on Dustin O’Halloran and just playing through all of his music. He’s my go to writing music.
What was the easiest and hardest concepts to write when dealing with the reality of addiction and porn in a YA novel setting/plot?
Easiest was the depth of feelings and rawness that comes with addiction and being in such a broken state. I didn’t stutter over the emotional side of the book at all. The hardest part was not being gratuitous, about having it still be connectable and not too down a dark hallway that most people wouldn’t be willing to follow it. Porn isn’t a very easy topic, anyway. At least, when you’re asking questions about it and what it does. So I had to fight really hard to lay it out in an approachable way.
What is your real life definition of “fine”?
This meme.
Inline image 1
Songs or story, what came first when you began your writing journey?
I’ve actually been writing songs since I was six. My first one was called, “My Hart” and was about escalators and Jesus. I wrote my first little story when I was seven or eight. It was about jetski racers because I was obsessed with the N64 game Wave Race.
Were there any stereotypes or stigmas in The Temptation of Adam that you wanted to tackle but ultimately didn’t make it into the finished novel?
the main theme in a way that wasn’t necessary.
Is there anything else you’d like to share or say?
Watch Master of Non by Iziz Ansari.
Read H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald
Listen to the podcast Good Christian Fun
Thanks for the interview Dave!
Have you read THE TEMPTATION OF ADAM yet? If not, get your copy today!

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