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“In the end, everything we do is just everything that we have done.”
– Adriana Fox, Devil of the Knight Skies within Tormented Path

Tormented Path – A Book of Poems by Adriana Fox
Reviewer: Marianne Caesar

Her first self-published work of poetry, Tormented Path presents a collection of Adriana Fox’s experiences and her transition of darker times into words of poetry. Providing a group of 15 poems, Fox presents the ways in which dark times can cause dark and light thoughts. She shares the ways in which reactions of sadness and despair can show a glimmer of hope, though sometimes causing thoughts of extreme desperation and a means for escape.
Many of the poems are dark in nature but serve as a reminder that there are other options when times push people to look for escape by occasionally negative means. By publishing her book, Fox not only serves as a symbol of hope to others but also as proof of success in overcoming challenges of abuse, be they emotional, physical, mental etc. Fox shares her experiences of poor relationships, neglect, fears, and many other emotions relatable to any age.
In addition to the poems focusing on the dark times, Fox also highlights the importance and value in meaningful relationships and interactions with others, and the ways in which we count upon others we care for and support. This can be seen especially in her poems Losing the Other Half of Your Soul Mate, and The Fallen Angel. From reading this book, it is evident that there was a struggle for Fox present between herself and the everyday battle which we call life; i.e. having to go through the motions while fighting questions of her purpose in life, how to determine the goodness of a person despite their actions and finding the inner strength to move above and beyond the sadness and thoughts of suicide.
One poem which exhibits this best is Tiger Rider, in which Fox expresses the power of a character who rides a tiger that has been in the dark waiting to break free and face their challenges. Painted as a weathered and worn creature, the Tiger is ready for what comes its way, protecting the rider. Working through this metaphor, we are able to see the strength which Fox held at the moment of writing, ready to go beyond the darkness presented in her other works, and to be the victor rather than victim.
A further degree of expression shared by Fox is the concept of illusion and the meaning of reality, expressed in the works Escaping Reality and Lamenting Dreams. While exploring different ranges of the illusionary concept, the first work permits the reader to understand that the author’s reality was composed at a time loneliness and solitude. Through her words, she shares having felt unnoticed and wants to find herself anew, able to begin again. Battling the invisible monster that is depression, she aims for hope and a chance to fight back rather than giving in to the despair felt within. Coupled with this poem comes Lamenting Dreams, in which Fox presents an image of surrealism where her use of vivid description again brings the reader to a place of unknown creatures and a sense of disorientation. As the journey for the character continues, we come to question the meaning of reality and dreams, and thus self-reflect on that which we view as our own dreams and reality.
On the whole, I would recommend the reading of this text not only for those interested in sharing the works of other artists but for all those who may be in a dark placing needing a symbol of hope. To share one’s innermost thoughts at the hardest times can be a large challenge in itself, and Fox accomplishes this and shows that nobody is truly alone, no matter how it may feel that way.

“These are very touching poems that make people think about many things.”

– Timothy on Amazon

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Ratings: 3/5

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