To Kill a Kingdom Review

***Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own. Just to be safe, this may contain some spoilers or spoiler-y hints.***         


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“Technically, I’m a murder, but I like to think that’s one of my better qualities.” Alexandra Christo, To Kill a Kingdom


To Kill a Kingdom Review

By: Yours truly – Rae


As always, the whisper of a YA fairy tale retelling fills me with dread and excitement. I’ve always adored fairy tales and The Little Mermaid, both Disney and Andersen versions, inspired numerous adventures as a kid and during college writing sprints. After receiving an ARC of To Kill a Kingdom, I took a deep breath and dived right in *pun possibly intended* and let me tell you… I was BEDAZZLED. Ladies and Gentlemen… I have a new favorite book and a top pick for 2018. Alexandra – thank you. Now let me tell you why.

I wasn’t being sold anything when it comes to a good character and a bad character. In fact, all the characters have bluntly obvious dark sides and that just made it oh so better. Even more so, all the characters? Bad. Deliciously bad. The prince, Elian, is a pirate who kills sirens, doesn’t want the crown, and feels most at home among a motely crew of misfits. *cue the dreamy sigh* The princess, Lira, is a siren, murderer of – wait for it – princes, and in line for the watery throne only to be constantly bullied – a nice term here and not what I really want to say – by her mother the Sea Witch. Throw in those wonderful side characters from Lira’s cousin Kahlia, best friend, crew, crew, and you got a cast that is relatable, loveable, and even redeemable if you see it fit to redeem them.

The Little Mermaid wasn’t sole focus here and I loved that. Surprising, I know. Anyway, I could pick out key parts and characters but To Kill a Kingdom became a beauty all its own – with a fairy tale twist! I loved how Christo played off the desires of fairy tales too. The characters mocked, ignored, and outright denied the stories and yet followed them because some part of them believed in the impossible. Me? I want to believe in the impossible. Hence why I’m tempted to go out to sea, fling myself in, and see what happens. Okay… maybe not but I can still dream right?

I could continue with the review and rave about the smooth plot, beautiful scenery descriptions, flow of the voice, and character growth, but honestly you just need to read To Kill a Kingdom and decide for yourself.


Need your copy of To Kill a Kingdom? Buy links can be found on Christo’s site.


My rating: 5/5

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