I’m Not Okay Tour

WOW! Women on Writing Presents
a Book Blog Tour for:
I’m Not Okay
By Renee Antonia

Mark your calendars –
Tour begins April 23rd  and runs until May 21st


34949897.jpgAbout the Book

When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing that goes through Alejandra’s head is whether or not she will be forced into another anxiety inducing situation. The struggles of being a young adult living with an anxiety ridden brain becomes too much for Alejandra to deal with. So, with the help of her friends, she forces herself out of the bubble her anxiety has placed her in. She learns to conquer the fears she once thought would destroy her and learns to rely on herself more than she ever has.


Print Length: 203 pages

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publisher: BookBaby (June 24, 2017)

ISBN-13: 9781483598062


I’m Not Okay is available as an eBook at Amazon.comBarnes and Noble,  and Apple iTunes


Guest Post

Every good short story has a few basic elements that turns a couple paragraphs to an amazing piece of writing.  Below I listed what I find makes short stories so irresistible.


  1. A good plot.  But, not just a good plot, an interesting and concise plot.  When I write short stories, I am always trying to pinpoint a couple scenes that I really want to elaborate on.  I want to give as much detail as I can, and because I am not writing a full book, I can expand on ideas that I usually wouldn’t be able to in other kinds of writing.  So, a good plot that can take many interesting twists and turns is what draws me into a short story.
  2. Interesting characters.  I may not get to know a character very well in a short story, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want a character that I love.  I want to feel as if the character has a life that I don’t know about. I want to feel like I am really just witnessing a day or two in their life.  That is what makes a short story for me. Believing that a character exists outside of the story makes me more interested in the story being told. It also tends to help the story feel more complete.
  3. I want to feel something.  Novels have 80,000 words to get you to feel something.  Short stories have 1,000. I expect to leave a short story feeling as if I just followed these characters through an entire book.  It is a big undertaking to try and get a reader to fall in love with a character in such a short amount of time, but if you can, you make the reader feel as if they’ve followed the character their entire lives.
  4. Reading something new.  The amazing thing about short stories is that it gives you the ability to read genres that you have never thought about reading before.  For example, I am not a huge horror fan, and sometimes I can not see myself committing to a full length horror novel. However, I don’t mind committing to a horror short story.  It gives me the ability to expand my reading, which is always a plus. So, if a short story author can write multiple genres, then I instantly fall in love with them


At the end of the day, I can’t say what exactly makes a great short story.  My likes and dislikes can differ from the next reader. However, I can say this, short stories give authors and readers alike the ability to travel out of their comfort zone and read and write things they never thought they could.  And, in my personal opinion, that’s what makes short stories so great.


IMG_1700 (1).JPGAbout the Author

Renee Antonia grew up in the Los Angeles area with four siblings and two wonderful parents. Having such a strong support system enabled her to decide who and what she wanted to be. However, this question haunted her for years, because she couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly she saw herself doing for the rest of her life. She began to read a lot, hoping to find inspiration between the pages of a book. It was at this time that  she realized one thing. She loved sharing, reading, and writing. Renee decided that she wanted to be a writer, and since that day, she has taken any steps necessary to achieve that goal.


You can find Renee Antonia at:
Website: www.writingsbyrenee.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/renee_antonia_
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/writingsbyrenee
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16771475.Renee_Antonia 


Blog Tour Dates

May 8th @ The Page Turner

Kayla over at her blog The Page Turner will be sharing her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book I’m Not Okay.


May 9th @ Life, So Daily

Renee Antonia will be stopping by Alicia Rust’s blog Life, So Daily and sharing her thoughts with a guest post on mental health.


May 10th @ Write Like Crazy

You’ll want to read today’s post over at Mary’s blog Write Like Crazy when she shares her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s moving young adult fiction book, I’m Not Okay. You can also enter to win a copy of the book too!


May 11th @ The Faerie Review

Come by Lily’s blog at The Faerie Review to find out her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book, I’m Not Okay. 


May 12th @ The Faerie Review

Stop by The Faerie Review again when blogger Lily interviews Renee Antonia about her book. See what this young adult fiction author had to say!


May 13th @ Making LOL

Join Herlina at her blog today and find out what Renee Antonia has to say about mental health, a perfect conversation piece today.


May 14th @ Life, So Daily

Come by Alicia’s blog Life, So Daily to find out her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book I’m Not Okay.


May 18th @ Strength4Spouses

Renee Antonia will be over at Wendi’s blog Strength4Spouses and will discuss mental health. Maybe this will give you strength to talk about this subject with those closest to you.


May 21st @ Strength 4 Spouses

The last stop on the tour is over at Wendi’s blog Strength4Spouses when she shares her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book I’m Not Okay. 





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