Guest Review: Somebody’s Monster

***Not suitable for young readers, contains erotica.
*** Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.

somebodys monster pic.png

“I’m not human Luenos…I am a monster.” “Then let’s be monsters together.”

– Beau Van Dalen, Somebody’s Monster

Somebody’s Monster
By: Lindsey
Somebody’s Monster is set in space. The protagonist, Vance Steward, is an earthling on a mission to Mars with his crew mates. The voyage becomes doomed when after an attack by a giant kraken, they find themselves stranded in space. Off the radar and with the ship badly damaged, Vance is taunted by his erratic half-brother Maxwell, who challenges Vance’s authority. Vance finds himself a scapegoat of the crew, especially as he is blamed for the death of their commander Howard – the leader of the voyage and also the ship’s repair man. Vance has already incurred their displeasure by bringing an Ulseh onboard, an alien life form who was not part of the original mission. Yet even though he is the centre of a backlash, Vance finds himself strangely protective of Luenos, mainly as he appears to be the only human who can communicate and interact with him. But when faced with the ultimatum “your crew or the alien”, Vance cannot choose between the two. An encounter with another extra-terrestrial, Vihkir, a princely Strauke who also takes refuge on the ship after being injured and left by his kind, adds to the tension. Although a dangerous being, Vance is highly attracted to the enigmatic Vihkir. However, Vance’s naivety in love eventually costs him dear when he puts his life and his beloved Luenos into peril. But, just when it seems all is lost, in amongst the stars, Vance finally learns that true “beauty shines brightest in the dark…”

This was a very intriguing and compelling read. I am not particularly acquainted with the Sci-Fi genre per se, but this story piqued my interest from my initial reading. By turns a thriller and a love story, I really enjoyed the narrative as it was fast paced and full of twists and turns which kept me as a reader guessing. I especially liked how the author relayed the love story between Luenos and Vance, which was delivered in a very sensitive and charming way. The attraction between the two characters was evident from the beginning of the story and simmered along till it reached its conclusion, which made you feel, as a reader, for the pair and endeared you to them both.

Highly original, very well written and plotted, with a host of interesting characters.


Check out the author’s website for more info!


My Rating: 3 / 5



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