Guest Book Review: Out of the Dusk

***Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Book not suitable for a younger audience.


out of the dusk cover


“It was only thoughts of you that pulled me

from the depths of hell and kept me moving forward…”

-Leigh Robbins, Out of the Dusk


Out of The Dusk (A Military Romance) Review

By: Lindsey Jane Philipson


Brett Parker is a war-torn veteran serving in Afghanistan, risking his life on a daily basis for his country and fellow men.  Coming back to see his ill mother after a thirteen-year absence and protected by his family, Brett is shocked to find that his mother is dying. In her last moments, his Mother tells Brett that she is worried about him, that in serving as a Marine he has lost sight of his own life and his chance for love and pleads with Brett to find someone to “show (him) the beauty of life again.”  Brett admits to his Mum that he did indeed find the one, Lauren Cage, a woman who he met in hospital whilst visiting her injured brother Matt, another serving military man.  However, although the pair enjoyed a heady romance, he lost her after she found out he was lying to her about having a fiancée back home in Texas.

Making a promise to his dying Mother to reconnect with her, Brett embarks on a new mission to reclaim Lauren as his soul mate.  After researching on the internet, he finds that Lauren, now Terrelini, although remarried, is now widowed and running a successful bakery with her best friend.  Brett bites the bullet and makes contact with her, inviting her to meet up with him before his final deployment.  The pair meet and immediately the heady attraction between them is reawakened.  But Brett is a very changed man to the one that Lauren, his beauty, knew eight years ago: ravaged by war, he is scarred by the events he has witnessed and due to the role he has served, considers himself a beast and consequently is now fighting an internal battle of his own.  Although the passionate side of their romance is instantly relighted, obstacles are thrown in their path which leave both in doubt about their future together.   Can the lovers overcome these and beauty have her beast or will their respective pasts and the baggage they now carry, mean that these two broken souls will never be…

Wow!  This was an intense but highly enjoyable read.  Although essentially a love story, the author cleverly used her account to demonstrate the plight of those who are in active service and the after effects which some military personnel succumb to: i.e. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The author, through her narrative, highlighted the pitfalls which some returning military members have to endure as they re-adjust to civilian life and how the traumatic events which they witness can have a lasting effect on their psyche.  The story of Brett and Lauren was a real roller coaster to read.  Both are wary of each other: Brett struggling to cope with the horrors of war and Lauren, recently widowed, is scared to love again, as Brett previously broke her heart.  The two cautiously navigate around each other and the author creates a wonderful sense of tension between them so you really find yourself rooting for the pair as they fight to be together.  Moreover, offset to the main story, there are also sub plots running with secondary characters, which add dimension and substance to the tale, as a whole.

This was an immensely moving, wonderfully written love story.  Would highly recommend.  Not suitable for younger readers.


My Rating: 4 / 5


Check out Robbin’s website to learn more about her and her other novels!



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