Interview With Candace Robinson

vZycYyXb_400x400.jpgMeet Candace Robinson.

Candace Robinson spends her days consumed by words. When she’s not writing, she’s reading books and traveling to those places where she wants more than anything to truly go. Her life consists of avoiding migraines, admiring Bonsai trees, and living with her husband and daughter in Texas—where it can be forty degrees one day and eighty the next.

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The Interview

Hello from a fellow book reviewer and blogger! How did you get involved in the bookish community?
I actually hadn’t read much since back in school. I remember seeing the second Hunger Games movie and how it ended on a cliffhanger. I was like, nooooo! I had to know what happened, so I picked up the book series back in 2014. After reading it, I need more, so I started constantly picking up books to read.
Tell us the creation story of your blog, Literary Dust.
I developed a love of reading, and I wanted others to be able to see what I’ve read and what I thought. But just because I like or don’t like something doesn’t mean someone should have to read it or decide not to pick it up. I think if a book has a bad review, don’t let it push you away from trying it out for yourself.
What has your writing experience been so far – from the good, the bad, the ugly, and the success?
Writing has been quite the journey. I never knew how long it exactly it takes to create a book, but it’s a lot. Really, everyone deserves a five just for all they have to do. The worse part is reviews—I don’t read them. If it’s bad, I will go and hide into my shell for days. So I can’t do that to myself lol.
Tell us about your average (or maybe not so average) day of writing, reviewing, and general plotting to take over a favorite book world.
During the summer, it is pretty non-existent because my daughter is home from school. But during the school year, I basically read a little, then I’ll try and write a minimum of 2,000 words, and then read or write reviews.
How has your writing process changed from your first novel till your current series in progress?
I still don’t technically do an outline. I write the important stuff down and just get to writing. If I tried to do an outline, I’d never write the story. I’d have writer’s block!
I see you have multiple works in progress, how do you juggle it all and keep the stories separate?
That part is actually easy for me. Once, I start reading my character, I can hop right back into their minds! That may change in the future, though!
Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today?
Reading is an escape for all of us, just try and enjoy the ride when you read other people’s stories. And if it’s not for you? Then it’s not for you.

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