Review: Meet the Sky

*** Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a free, honest review. All opinions are my own. ***


“Once upon a time I believe in fairy tales.” – McCall Hoyle, Meet the Sky

meet the sky cover


Meet the Sky Review

By: Rae

Follow the story of Sophie, told in first POV, as she experiences a natural disaster that rips apart not only her world, but how she views it too.

Sophie doesn’t believe in fairy tales, not anymore. After an accident that has left her older sister, Mere, a shell of her former self, left her mom working herself to the point of exhaustion, and caused her dad to leave… well needless to say Sophie is struggling to keep her family together. Obsessed with plans and the issue of time, Sophie sticks to what she knows and dreams of a controlled future. Enter Finn, a former friend and ninth grade crush who just so happened to break her heart when he left without a goodbye and stood her up at their first high school dance. The thing is, Finn is back and trying to get her attention. He is acting like nothing has changed. Distracted, worried, Sophie plans to avoid Finn at all costs and later is following her mom and sister out of the area to avoid the hurricane when her beat up truck blows a tire. Stranded, events spiral, as Sophie and Finn are pushed together to ride out the storm. More than one thing changes…

This story hit too close to home on a number of levels for me. Not only could I relate to the area, to an extent from just recently being in NC, but I was also in an accident at the beginning of this month and everything has changed – especially my perspective on life. While I’m recovering, I watched some of my quirks manifest in Sophie on her journey. She felt so real, so naïve, and so stubborn! At times she broke my heart even if I groaned at some of her decisions and thoughts. I lived the storm through her and that for me is one of my favorite parts of reading a novel – the ultimate connection where I’m at the story’s mercy. This of course makes me think of Finn… I loved this boy. From his quirky nature, comedic relief, love of junk food, need for adrenaline – okay I could continue but I’ll refrain. He and Sophie supported each other as character foils excellently. How they grew together and separately was well done. A shout out as well to the side characters that not only had their own personas, but also contributed to the story without taking too much control of it. Ah, which leads me to the pace and overall plot of the story.

Everything just happened so fast! One second I’m thinking Sophie is fine and the next I’m hit back to back with scenery, emotions, and this mega-storm. The confusion worked though even as my heart pounded with adrenaline. Overall it reflected the characters themselves and set the mood. As readers are following along, the scenes themselves are gorgeous – if not terrifying based on the circumstances – and the reoccurring references of life, death, risk, and time blended together spot on.

I don’t really have anything that I feel the need to critique. So, in conclusion *clears throat* I really connected with Meet the Sky and highly recommend it. It is a story of hope, loss, and growth that reflects an inner battle outwardly in the form of a storm and the need to survive.


Meet the Sky is out now! *cheers*


My rating: 5/5

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