Guest Post + Cover Reveal: Stonebearer’s Betrayal

JLMilner.jpgMeet Jodi Milner.

Growing up, Jodi L. Milner wanted to be a superhero and a doctor. When she discovered she couldn’t fly, she did what any reasonable introvert would do and escaped into the wonderful hero-filled world of fiction and the occasional medical journal. She’s lived there ever since.

These days, when she’s not folding the children or feeding the laundry, she creates her own noble heroes on the page. Her speculative short stories explore the fabric of dreams and have appeared in numerous anthologies and SQ Magazine, while her novels weave magic into what it means to be human.

She still dreams of flying.

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The Guest Post

Finding Magic Everyday
Creating a story from a collection of ideas is my kind of magic. Stephen King said it best, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” The idea really is wonderful. A writer imagines a place and populates it with people and breathes a story into it and then shares that experience using only words. A reader takes those same words and imagines their own magical place and relives the story using the colors of their own experience to create a unique experience.
Getting from idea to completed story is easier said than done. The creative process can be a challenge at the best of times and a downright nightmare at the worst.
Here’s a list of different ways to unlock your own creative magic –

  • Fill your mind with new ideas through reading books, watching movies, and observing the world around you.
  • Always carry paper and pencil and jot down or doodle whatever catches your attention or sparks an idea. I use a sketchbook for this and fill it with everything from to do lists to sketches of bugs at the park.
  • Make time to create. It doesn’t have to be hours a day. Set apart an hour here or there to explore things you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Don’t be afraid to create messes! The thing that stops most creative people is the pressure to make something brilliant the first try. Give yourself permission to create something just for the joy of using your hands.
  • Timers are your friends. Often it takes a tiny push to get a boulder rolling. Have a story idea you want to explore? Set a timer for 15 minutes and see what happens.
    Find your tribe. Creatives need the support of other creatives to help keep the fire burning. Find a local group, take a class, or attend a conference and talk to everyone.
  • Take care of you. Stress, fatigue, poor diet, and long hours of sitting hinder the creative process. Make your brain happy by slowly introducing healthy changes one at a time. It can be as easy as taking a 5-minute walk instead of grabbing another handful of chocolate chips. I still love chocolate chips.

Go find your magic!


Meet the Book.

Stonebearer's Betrayal(1).jpg

Title: Stonebearer’s Betrayal

Release Date: November 13th
Publisher: Immortal Works Press

Back cover blurb:
A secret society of immortals tasked to protect the world
A demon bent on revenge
And a girl brave enough to fight for her family when the two collide
When Archdemoness Wrothe stirs the ashes from a long dead war, it rekindles a fire that threatens to burn the world. The immortal Stonebearers have the power to bring her down, if they learn of her awakening in time.
Katira didn’t believe the legends. It wasn’t possible for a person to bend the very fabric of reality or live forever. She didn’t believe in the dark mirror realm either or that forces were at work to destroy the waking world.
That was before the first demon shadow hound came for her.
Amazon link to pre-order page
(currently only the digital is available for preorder)

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