Guest Review: Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two

*** Disclosure: All opinions are solely my own.  ***
 “Something that was powerful enough, if she let it, to take the jagged edges of her soul, and fit them to another that was just as broken.”
– Lynn Turner, Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two

Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two Review

By: Claire

Don’t worry I will not spoil anything for any one who would like to read this book. That being said please prepare yourselves.
This book was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Lynn Turner does an excellent job of evoking the sensual aspect of attraction between characters while allowing the plot to carry the romance through the novel. It was very well written and was fabulously engaging. I couldn’t put this down. If you begin to read it and like romance novels be prepared to become addicted.
Mina Allende is the fourth highest paid ballerina in the world. She has conquered the world of ballet and works to improve on herself every chance she has, even where improvements are not necessary. Meanwhile, Zachary Coen has left his ballet career behind to bend the rules and blur the lines of established musical theatre and ballet. The story begins when he decides to do it by imagining Mina as Camille, his Lady in Red. As they work to reimagine a classic novel turned ballet turned play turned back into a musical they realize their chemistry in rehearsal exists outside of it as well.
As you guys can tell from the first paragraph, I enjoyed this book a lot. Each character was unique and it made the world of Pas de Deux: A Dance For Two all the more realistic. The novel fully explored Mina’s secrets while also exposing you to Zack’s. The only thing I would say is that as much as Zack allows Mina into his heart, he still doesn’t share with her the full extent of his pain, which for me was the only part of the book I wish Lynn Turner would have explored just a little bit more. Without, this the book is still excellent and give it a rating of five out of five.

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