Madness Monday: Artwork – “It Takes a Village” 2017

Meet Ariane Guthier.

Hello, I’m Ariane Guthier, but my paint name is AG3. I’m a mostly self-taught artist located out of Harrisburg PA. During the summer months, I sell my art at music festivals all over the east coast. I like to collect and play odd musical instruments, my favorites being the singing saw and the theremin. I am a great lover of surprises and pranks, true personal stories, and especially jokes. I draw a lot of my inspiration from dreams, mythology, cartoons, and the wonderful creatures I meet at music festivals.

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The Artwork.

“It Takes a Village” 2017

This piece was based off of a great, long mystery that started to unfold for me in the spring of 2017. I suddenly had memories I didn’t know existed, life was haphazard and confusing. This painting became my way of sorting through details and emotions unconsciously. I have made better pieces since, but they do not have such a deep emotional connection to me. Often, people see new things every time they encounter this painting. The harder you look, the more you find – which I think is a very good representation of exactly what I was dealing with.



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