A New Year’s Update Letter from Rae

*crawls to keyboard*
*drinks tea from special bookish mug*
*clears throat*


Hi everyone! Welcome to 2019.

As you can see changes are already underway for A New Look On Books. Changes that I can’t wait for you all to see and enjoy.

Updates are separated into three categories: Business & Blog, Business, and Blog.


Business and Blog

All new illustrations by the lovely, inspirational, amazing Meg D’Avella! She dealt with my ravings and scribbled musings this past month, uhh wait year?, to create adorable new illustrations that fit my specialized genres and bookish interests to a T.

But wait, there’s more: Coming soon will be a brand-new logo by Meg and a new website is in the works too!


ALL pricing has increased based on industry professional feedback, years of experience, and pricing guidance guidelines by the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

NEW packages have been added: The Proofreader and The Writer Companion.

Please contact me with any concerns and I look forward to working with you!


Fun Note: So far, I have SIX books I’ve edit being published this year. I can’t even… *hyper-ventilates in excitement*


With everything in the works for my business, I’ve decided I can no longer accept review requests for myself or any guest reviewers. Time constraints demand my attention elsewhere while my sanity demands me to juggle only a few things at a time. I apologize for the inconvenience of this. I will post the occasional review in relation to a blog tour or a new blog feature of: Book of the Month.

Next again (in relation to above): More blog updates include the new feature above with fewer tours, promos, and spotlights. I will still be posting all of these features but am focusing more on author interviews and guest posts at this time; where one of these features will be posted at least once a week each month. If you are an author, editor, publisher, booktuber, bookstagrammer, bookstore employee, etc., please email me if you are interested in an interview or guest post. The main blog goal is quality vs. tons of posting.

Next again (also in relation to above): My blog has a new name – BOOKISH LOOKS. Fun, right? With still participating in tours, I wanted to have a separate name for my blog that still ties into my business. What do you think?


Phew! I believe that is everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen (that I know about right now) for 2019 for my business and blog… Can’t – won’t! – even mention personal life updates or this will become VERY, VERY long and tedious for myself and you.

Though I will say… I’m writing again! It is a Dark Lit, YA. *grins*

Anyway,  let’s finish this, shall we? That way we can go back to celebrating the new year.

Speaking of the new year, there are so many books coming out this year… so little time. I’m still prepping for the feels – but can you ever really prep for that?


THANK YOU for your continued support as I make my bookish dreams a reality.

You’ll still find me on here, Twitter, and Instagram. Sometimes Facebook.


Stay awesome everyone!

Let’s make 2019 book-tastic *wiggles eyebrows*



Yours Truly,



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