Author Interview: Jennifer Ellision

Meet Jennifer Ellision.

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Bestselling and award-winning author Jennifer Ellision writes about daring young women in magical worlds. She survives on a steady diet of books, podcasts, and her favorite magical tropes. Jennifer frequently wakes up early to work before she has to “people” and can often be found squirreled away in her office, getting some writing done–or in her local library, agonizing over revisions.

If all else fails, look under the covers.

She’s probably hiding out with a good young adult fantasy series.

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The Interview.

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for joining us today. Tell us a little about yourself.
Thanks for having me! I suppose I should talk about the writerly stuff first: I write YA fantasy led by strong female characters. I have a complete series about Elemental magic (Threats of Sky and Sea), a Lady Pirates series in-progress, and the first book of my Fairy Tale Lies, Spies, and Assassins series will be published in the Kingdom of Glass and Ashes multi-author collection of Cinderella retellings on December 18th.
As far as the non-writerly stuff goes, I have a vizsla puppy that I am completely obsessed with… enough to make him his own Instagram account. ^_^; And I drink way too much orange soda.

“Fierce, lady led fantasy.” What are the key characteristics to a strong heroine?
I think fierceness comes in many shapes and sizes. Some of my heroines are skilled with weapons and have sharp tongues to match. Others come into abilities they never dreamt of. But what they all have in common is that they break out of the roles society or people with more power try to slot them into. They decide for themselves who they’re going to be.
What is an average day like for a cunning, lady pirate?
Is it too cheesy to say ~anything but average?~ On a day when the main character of the Lady Pirates series, Grace, isn’t chasing magical treasures and revenge, as quartermaster, her duties included keeping inventory of the ship’s coin and assets. As first mate, she has a hand in overseeing navigation and administering punishment for those who flout the rules laid out in the ship’s articles.
Do you have any secondary characters that may have fought for control over any of your novels to become the lead character?

Hmmm, Aleta from the Threats of Sky and Sea series probably came closest to wresting control from me! I grew to really love her character and her friendship with the main character, Bree. Her journey parallels Bree’s; neither are who they believe themselves to be at the start of the series.
“She survives on a steady diet of books, podcasts, and her favorite magical tropes.” What are these favorite magical tropes your bio mentions?
Ooo probably #1 is a spin on “The Chosen One.” She’s the only person who can defeat the Big Bad! Secondly, the trope of suddenly discovering powers in the teenage years—which informs me is known as the “Puberty Superpower.” You can all blame the 90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch for that one.
I’m going to ask the dreaded question… who is your favorite author? *gasps* I know it is difficult so I’ll tack on – what is your favorite book or book series? Yes, yes. I’m horrible, ha!
The most evil question in the world! But I can answer. Growing up, Tamora Pierce’s books shaped the kind of books I love to read and write. For that, she and her Song of the Lioness Quartet will always top my list of favorites. I’m forever grateful to her.
Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today?
My next release is called Striking Midnight, the first book in my new Fairy Tale Lies, Spies, and Assassins series. It’s a Cinderella retelling where the Cinderella character is an assassin and it will be released in the multi-author collection of YA Cinderella retellings, Kingdom of Glass and Ashes on December 18th. I can’t wait for you all to read it. You can find it here:

Thanks again for having me!


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