Blog Tour & Review: Enchantee

*** Disclaimer: A digital ARC of this book was received in exchange for a free, honest review on this tour. All opinions are my own. ***


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“To try is to be brave. Be brave.” – Gita Trelease, Enchantée


Enchantee Review

By: Rae

Camille Durbonne is no stranger to sorrow. Her parents were killed by the pox; her brother a drunk that has lost touch with his humanity. France is on the cusp of a revolution and no one is safe.

Camille struggles to make ends meet while caring for her younger sister Sophie. Using a low level of magic known as the la magie ordinaire, Camille tricks shopkeepers with fake coins in order to obtain food and supplies to survive. When the situation spirals, Camille must go deeper into another level of magic, a forbidden one at that, to survive – yet at what cost?

I was swept away by the magic and intrigue of this illusional France. Magic was hiding just beneath the surface. Disguises were around ever corner. Sorrow breaths in the streets.

While everything burned and shimmered into fruition, the romance between Camille and Lazare is what kept me reading until the end. In fact, I adored Lazare, though frustrated with him at points, but he, among the other side characters, demanded I continue. His character enamored me with his beliefs, his passions, his joy and sorrow.

Overall, everything was there from the story, the characters, the intrigue, and the magic – yet it all fell a little flat. It was a slow burn that had me nodding at points but overly distracted and not satisfied. I wanted more drama, more action and felt a little jumbled in the court scenes. The scenes with the balloons and Lazare felt so real while the other parts seemed a bit stifled. When everything happened, the reveals and so forth, I wished for more magic, more spark of a lead up and finale.

Enchantée’s use of magic was woven into France’s history with such ease and really aided the story as it progressed, highlighting the possibilities of something more between the characters and the setting.

Upon further reflection, factoring in my adoration of Lazare and the romance of Enchantée, has me giving the novel a 3.5/5 rating. The potential is there among the magic in the pages.


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