Guest Post: “The Literary Post” by Ernest Sandefer

Meet Ernest Sandefer.

Hard for me to categorize my writing so I’d sat I’m an advice giver with an imagination. I hope to inspire change and evoke emotion with my writing. I’m 27 years old, live in Boston MA and constantly creating. If not writing in my journal I’m working on drafts or opinion pieces. Feel free to reach out!

The Guest Post.

500 literal words on literary, where do I start? Well my love for writing started in the 5th grade. The assignment was for us to create our own short stories that would be read by the other students. Me being the shy little kid with a lot of self-doubt I already made up in my mind that none of my classmates were going to choose my book simply because I wasn’t the most popular kid in the classroom, in the 5th grade or in the entire school for that matter. What surprises me about it was I didn’t care about  what I thought was the truth at the time. I enjoyed writing that short story. I enjoyed tapping into my imagination for once in school and not being thought of as weird for doing so. I felt free and that was a feeling I felt for the first time in my life and I knew I wanted to experience that feeling again, I just didn’t realize at the time expressing myself and creativity through writing was the catalyst.
Anyways, I’m reading other people’s short stories I hear giggles and cackles from classmates. I thought nothing of it other than “someone must’ve written a funny book” and continued snacking on my “Smart Brand” white cheddar popcorn. Our reading was timed. Don’t remember how long the time was but it apparently wasn’t long enough for people to finish my book. I didn’t get to finish the books that I was reading as well so I understood the slight frustration a few of my classmates had with the amount of time we were given to read each other’s stories. That “slight frustration” with students began to grown the more students started to read my book “The Nose Knows” a story about a group of eccentric friends who stumbled across an abandoned haunted mansion they decided to film their first music video in.
I don’t want to say this book was made out of thin air, but it certainly wasn’t something that took me months to come up with. I can tell you based off of memory, the characters in the book much like the characters created in other books of mine are characters based on people I’ve crossed paths with, but with different names, looks and pretty much everything else, but a similar character trait. Usually something so small about the person I don’t think they notice about themselves, but it is blown up to be the center of attention when it comes to that character since you can’t really see who they are. “The Nose Knows” also incorporated diversity and humor because even as a pre-teen I understood the importance of diversity. Humor was thrown in there simply because comedy are my favorite genre of movies and shows.
Haven’t read too many books that I found to be funny, but to whomever is reading this feel free to recommend me something with humor in it. How I found out the book the class “laughed at” was mine was when one of the students, Errol told our teacher, Mr. Kid that my book was “classic.” That was the first time I’ve ever gotten a “critically acclaimed”  classic rating from an audience and I loved it, but as stated before the joy of creating something and being able to express myself was the cream filling. The fact that my book made people laugh was the icing on the cake.
So I leave here with my final words to you  being always create from the heart and be unapologetically authentic.

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