Guest Post: “The growth of opportunities for experimental writing” by streetcake magazine

Meet streetcake.

Nikki and Trini have been running streetcake magazine for over 10 years. They publish experimental writing every 3 months. In 2019, they launched the streetcake experimental writing prize for 18-26 year olds, supported by ACE.

The Guest Post.

Back in 2008, streetcake began as a response to limited outlets for experimental writing at that time. Then, at a poetry reading, we experimented with silly names, trying to think of something memorable. From the moment we thought of ‘streetcake’, the idea was set in stone and gave us the final push to create it. Both of us have always been drawn to experimental writing and we wanted to expand the ‘genre’ further, as well as giving writers a new outlet. Over the years, we’ve published a lot of new writers but also established ones, which we think is one of the best things about what we do. Therefore, we want the streetcake experimental writing prize for 18-26 year olds, which we just launched in March with the support of ACE, to increase awareness of experimental writing and encourage young people to explore new and innovative ways to express themselves. The Prize offers mentoring to the winners, which we hope will give young writers the confidence and tools to really grow as writers. Another important aspect is creating readers of the future. If we want to keep reading experimental writing, we need to create new lovers and advocates of the genre.


For the prize, we want to see new forms or free forms of writing. Much the same as our normal magazine, we want to see strong images. We want to be taken out of the comfortable box we tend to live in, to be ´provoked´ even. Saying that, we also like some substance to our writing, so a thread/idea/image that holds it together. Sometimes we choose something because it makes us think differently, other times it makes us laugh, sometimes we’re shocked by a turn of events, sometimes it’s so raw it’s painful to read… We are very open to a lot of things as you can see. The main thing is that we both need to agree to publish it – if one of us isn’t sure or says no, we won’t go with it. Of course, the final judging of the ultimate shortlist won’t be done by us this time, so that should be interesting.

In the future, we would like for streetcake to grow and to increase our audience even more. This may be too ambitious but we would like for streetcake to become ‘the’ place to aim to be published and a magazine to be read. In terms of the Prize, it would be great if we could provide another avenue for support for young writers who will go on to be published widely and support the experimental genre with their work and reading. We started streetcake out of our love for experimental writing and hoping we could share it with fellow writers who wanted a platform, and nothing has changed for us. The Prize is just another step on that journey so the more writers and readers we have on that journey, the merrier!

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Please visit: for more info about our magazine or the Prize.

Follow us on Twitter: @streetcakemag

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