Author Interview: Kalyn Josephson

Meet Kalyn Josephson.


Twitter: @kalynjosephson
Instagram: @kalynmjosephson


Hi Kalyn! Thanks for joining us today. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi all! My name is Kalyn Josephson, and I’m the author of the upcoming YA Fantasy, THE STORM CROW. I live in California with three awesome friends and my two cats, as well as a not so slowly growing collection of books.

First off, I adore your website Kalyn. Is this your first website or an update? What was it like to have an author website and see it first go live for public viewing?
Thank you so much! I had a simple one prior, but only for a couple weeks. This new one was designed by Hafsah Faizal, who in addition to being a stellar designer, is author of the upcoming YA Fantasy, WE HUNT THE FLAME (which is so, so good!). I adore the design she came up with, and was so excited to share it when it went life. It felt like the first big step in my debut journey!
As a technical writer, what has been a favorite bad pun you’ve come across or used?
Oh dear. I may occasionally tell people that as a technical writer, I’m technically a writer (I know, I know).
Degrees in biology and creative writing – phew, you must have been busy! How has the biology degree strengthened and or weakened your writing?
Definitely busy! But it was a lot of fun to stretch both sides of my brain. Each major sort of provided a respite from the other, and my biology degree really helped me with the technical aspect of my writing. Clarity, logical flow, word choice—they’re all very important in technical writing, because you want to be as clear as possible in as few words as possible. That translated well to my creative writing, because it helped me capture scenes succinctly.
Why have crows as the focal animal in your upcoming release, The Storm Crow?
I absolutely LOVE crows. I think they’re adorable, but they’re also so beautiful and clever, and there’s a lot of fantastic lore, mythology, and imagery that comes with them.
Two sisters, two princess, and I can imagine a whole lot of mischief and rebellion. Did you struggle at any point with the princesses overpowering each other or trying to take center stage away from the other?
I didn’t! Their domains were so vastly different, that the story is more about them coming to understand that each of their leadership roles is equally as important to their kingdom as the other. Caliza, who post-prologue is actually queen, is about the political and economic well-being, while Thia, her sister, is focused on the cultural and emotional well-being. They have to work together to do what’s best for their kingdom.
When did you have that eureka moment, where it all came together and made sense, for The Storm Crow?
The moment I got the idea, actually. I had the idea for a kingdom centered on these elemental crows, and I asked the question, what would happen if they disappeared? From there, everything just clicked and the story spilled out of me!
Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today?
THE STORM CROW is a story about healing that is very near and dear to my heart, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

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