Author Interview: D.H. Davis

Meet D.H. Davis.

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The Interview.


Hi D.H.! Thanks for joining us today. Tell us a little about yourself.

Well my name is Danni, I’m 29 years old and mummy to the most amazing little girl. I love food that’s bad for you, a good binge on Netflix, cuddles with my cockapoo and anything YA! I am the author of Coven Deception, which is my debut novel. I have loved reading and writing since I was a child and have always kept it up throughout my adult life. When I get my nose in a good book the world around me stops and I just have to get it finished! I think my Husband loves it when I find a good series as it means he can watch all the football he likes! I have worked as an Occupational Therapist and a Teacher, both of which I loved but I could never escape from my real passion which is writing, it was always there bubbling in the background. Finally I decided to stop being so scared of failing and with lots of encouragement from a dear friend who loves fantasy just as much as me, I decided to see it through and make Coven Deception a reality.

How does your career (or rather day job) influence and/or hinder your writing?
While I was teaching English it actually helped motivate me to write as I really wanted to be able to practice what I preached. Teaching literature and unpicking all the hidden meanings in a story and teaching language with the ways one simple comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence made me want to keep writing. Granted the heavy demands of teaching these days made it difficult to always fit it in when I wanted to and a lot of the time it would be tired drafts that needed lots of proofing but I still found it a comfort and a way to relax, so it was important for me to write even if it was at 2am! Now I am working as supply I am finding this gives me much more time to write whenever inspiration hits, which is great to be able to do.
Why did you decide to use a forbidden romance arc in your debut, Coven Deception?
Who doesn’t love a good forbidden romance? It’s always been something that’s drawn me into a book and been present in some of my favorite series. I think as humans we are drawn to wanting things we can’t or shouldn’t have so when that takes the form of love, we just enjoy seeing how it pans out and the risks characters take to get their happy ending. If things were easy and what was expected then the journey would never be as fun!
What is your favorite element of fantasy to work with?
I just love the fact that anything is possible. An author can take their craziest ideas and make them work in this genre because there are no rules. I also love that we can take something spooky, magical or unheard of and make it seem like the most mundane notion; the existence of species, other worlds and magic can become familiar and real. I think the fact I have always enjoyed reading and escaping to fantasy worlds made me more excited to write within the genre too.
Any any point in your writing/revising process with Coven Deception, did any of the characters surprise you?.
I was surprised by Sammy’s betrayal. As I was writing it I was imagining how I would feel if one of my brother’s triggered such stressful events for me and the thought was crushing, but I also knew that his actions were understandable and could be justified so I wanted to keep it. I think it helps strengthen their bond in the end as they can unite in a way they wouldn’t have without everything blowing up. I was also surprised with the deaths in the book. Originally I had only planned for one of the characters to leave us in book one but as I was writing it just flowed and made sense for the story to take another one too. It leaves room for some big reactions to contend with in the future. I have had some shocked messages about this since the book published though, people both commending and scolding me at the same time!
What is your favorite characteristic of your main protagonist, Brooke Lesley?
I like that Brooke is righteous in a world where there’s a lot of hatred and deceit. There’s so much negativity in our world at the moment with people having to battle at lot of injustice but along the way I have met some incredible young people that keep going and keep trying to do what’s right no matter what. I wanted Brooke to reflect that, to be symbol for the worth there is in caring about others and wanting a better future for everyone.
Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today?
Thanks so much for reading and I really hope that you enjoy reading the novel. I had a lot of fun writing it and it means the world to me that it’s out there now. I also know lots of people have been asking about the ending and don’t worry, book two has been drafted so there will definitely be some answers!



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Coven Deception is available now for purchase!

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