Hi, I’m rAE.

How did I get to be an author, freelance editor, and total fangirl?
It all started with a challenge…

Raven Eckman is an author, freelance editor, and literary fangirl. She always knew books were her passion, well before her grandmother’s challenge to read a book a day when she was young.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arcadia University and is currently pursuing her MFA at Lindenwood University.

Since 2016, and the launch of her editing business in 2018: A New Look On Books, she’s been working with a range of authors, both self-published and traditionally published, on short stories and novels from horror to contemporary in YA and Adult fiction. And reading, lots of reading.

Shadowspeak is Raven’s debut novel. Itchy Pants is her first picture book.

She is currently working on multiple projects including two more picture books and a prequel to her debut novel.

Raven lives in Pennsylvania with her GSD, Atlas, and two rescue cats Loki and Freya.

My Books

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New ADult, Dark Fantasy


Book One of the Realm of Skuggar Series.

Once there was a girl who spoke to shadows… 


ITchy Pants

Book One in the “Booglie’s Adventures” series.

There once was a little monster named Booglie who was very lonely […]


Spooky Treats

Book Two in the “Booglie’s Adventures” series.

After a night of trick-or-treating fun, the little monster Booglie returns […]


Fuzzy Pests

Book Three in the “Booglie’s Adventures” series.

When Booglie the little monster encounters a strange beast at his friend’s house, he’s a bit scared […]

Editing Services


Multi-genre experience.

Children, MG, YA, and Adult.

Specialization in content, developmental editing.

Free five page sample edit for first time clients.


ALL documents must be delivered double spaced in Times New Roman, 12pt font.

The Letter of Agreement (LOA) is to be signed prior to sending the manuscript.

Invoices are sent via Quickbooks.

Project timesheets are documented through Quickbooks Timesheets with a final report being sent with the invoice.

ALL packages require a non-refundable deposit of $35 that is then reflected in the final project payment.

“The EVAulator”

Finished? Now What?

Just finished your latest draft? Just finished a reread and while everything seems fine, something is still missing? Have no fear, a manuscript evaluation may be just what you need.

“THE Reader”

Let’s Get reading!

As your reader, I will read through the manuscript to check for missing or changed details, unexplained plot holes, delivered and undelivered story arc promises, and overall plot and character development content.

“The Developer”

It’s time to nitpick!

Though this package is much like the reader package, I will go deeper into the manuscript with my commenting, editing, and suggestions on different sentence structures, character issues, plot changes and holes, scene additions, and more.

“The Writer Companion”

Writing Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely.

Lost within the pages of your manuscript? Not sure where your characters are hiding? Overall feeling stuck and unsure on what to do next? This package is for you!

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