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Courtney M.

“Raven did an awesome job with her edits. You can visually see her professionalism on sentence structure and suggestions, as well as overall kindness that she puts out there for others. I am very thankful to come across her information and highly recommend her services.”

R. Bazylak @bazlactica

“Rae’s sample edit exceeded my expectations. To say that her instincts were spot-on is an understatement. She immediately “got” my characters, had a sense of where I was going, and offered suggestions that immediately tightened up my manuscript.  If you’re searching for a qualified and passionate editor who will challenge you to make your book better, look no further.”

Chris Kennedy, bestselling author of The Theogony series

“Raven was a great help to me in developing my story. Her insightful comments forced me to re-evaluate several major plot points of my story — which I needed — and greatly improved the story’s structure. She is highly recommended!”

Belinda Ramirez

“Rae was an incredible editor for Wildflowers, helping me to rediscover and unearth some of the hidden gems I hadn’t yet shared in my telling of human trafficking survivor stories. Her approach is kind and encouraging as she draws out the best from the author and their work with persistence. I would highly recommend her to others seeking an editor who spends the time diligently to bring out the best in their writing.”

Colleen Chan

“Rae’s commentary definitely helped me figure out a new course for holes found in my writing. She is extremely professional, as well as a helpful supporting person who genuinely wants your work to shine! I now have a clearer understanding of how my characters are portrayed and how to further improve my characters and story. Rae is a great editor who wants to see you succeed and I highly recommend her!”

Author Mallory McCartney

“Working with Rae was not only a complete delight but her professionalism and knowledge about the industry editing standards is phenomenal. Her work and suggestions on Heir of Lies brought the manuscript to the polished level and I am ecstatic to continue working with her for the rest of the Black Dawn series, as well as any future works! If you are looking for a great, reliable editor—look no further.”

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