Jordandené’s Rocking Your Fandom With Style Guest Post

Guest Post

Meet the lovely ladies of Jordandené


Jordandené is a Brooklyn-based, woman-owned, small business. Our casually geeky apparel and home goods are subtle enough to actually be used in everyday life. Our design team uses traditional ink and brush techniques to create unique, hand-lettered designs. We choose messages that both strike a chord with hardcore fans and promote positive messages to everyone who sees them.


Rocking Your Fandom With Style

By: Tristan George, Jordandené


Before I discovered, then insisted on working for, the perfectly geek chic brand Jordandené, my knowledge of the nerd world of fashion didn’t extend past fangirl empire Her Universe. But, as the world of fandoms expands, so do the way/s of representing them with pride.


Gone are the days where geeks of all calibers are tied down to stiff, crewneck tees with big logos in primary colors. Wearing your fandom nowadays can be as stylish as ever, and it’s much easier than you think. You can quietly rock your fandom for just about any occasion. Here’s how you do it.


  1. Cosmetics

We’ll start small but mighty. Pop culture collaborating with the world of make-up has been around for long enough for even the biggest companies to get on board. Remember the MAC Betty & Veronica line? How about the Covergirl x Star Wars collection? Holika Holika even has products based on my favorite lazy Sanrio character. There’s something out there for everyone.

jordan 1.png


This Game of Thrones-inspired eyeshadow trio by Strobe Cosmetics is one of my personal favorites. Pigment and a promise of cruelty-free products are the two most important things when it comes to my makeup, and Strobe passes both with flying colors, pun absolutely intended. The Bay of Dragons set comes with three gorgeous shades with coppery finishes that are perfect for fall, each with a name inspired by everyone’s favorite dragons.


Wearing these shadows aren’t as obvious as walking around in your House Targaryen shirt, but there’s still something incredibly satisfying about telling someone, “Oh, this color? It’s called Drogon.”


More recommendations: Nerdy nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics, Fandom fragrances by Geekssentials on Etsy


  1. Accessories


One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received falls under this category. A few years back, my best friend gave me this Hobbit Door Necklace for Christmas. I remember tearing up when I unwrapped it, and even more so when the tiny door popped open to reveal it was a locket in disguised. Not only could I wear my favorite story wherever I went, but I could take a piece of home with me, too. Cue the waterworks.


Nerdy accessories are great for a multitude of reasons— they can be the centerpiece of an outfit or hide in plain sight, you can wear them as often as you’d like, and they always make fantastic gifts, in case you want to try and make your friends cry, too.

jordan 2.png


My most recent obsession? Enamel pins. Yes, they’re everywhere, and yes, I mean that in the best way possible. Think of anything, no matter how bizarre or ridiculous, and I can guarantee you that someone out there makes a pin for it. These adorable Ghibli creatures from Blushsprout are a personal favorite. Look at that glitter!


The best part about accessorizing with pins? You can never have too many, and you’ll more than likely never run out of room. So, go ahead and fill up your backpack, your lapels, your favorite denim jacket and hop in on the “pinsanity” trend.


More recommendations: Clutches by Sent From Mars, Officially licensed goodies by Rocklove Jewelry


  1. Apparel


Tiny trinkets not quite enough for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Cute and slightly nerdy apparel is as accessible as it is adorable nowadays, so you can hold off on that Star Wars tee from Target that’s been stuffed in the bottom of your drawer on days you’re feeling a little more stylish.


I’ve never bought something from Elhoffer Design that I didn’t immediately fall in love with. From amazingly soft cardigans to flattering scuba knit dresses, it’s impossible to find something you won’t love. The nerd in all of us will appreciate the crazy attention to detail in each piece— check out the well-thought-out references on The Duel Sweater, or how the Hogwarts house-inspired maxi dresses have wand pockets. When I say Elhoffer thought of everything when designing these, they really, truly thought of everything.

jordan 3.png

I’ve been waiting all season to finally break out some of these galactic fall goodies, especially the Galactic General Longline Cardigan, modeled after Carrie Fisher’s cover of Vanity Fair. It comes in two colors and surpasses the geek chic level— it is as high fashion as nerdy clothing can get. Take a walk in this on a crisp, fall day, caped sleeves blowing in the wind, and try and tell me you don’t feel as badass as General Organa herself. I dare you.
More recommendations: Marvel New York Collection by BlackMilk, Geeky retro skirts and more by 1138 Clothing

Kennedy Cannon and her “Poppin” Bookshelves Guest Post

Guest Post, Misc.


Meet Kennedy Cannon.

My name is Kennedy, and I’m 20 years old (but if you ever ask me my age, it will take me some time to remember because I still think I’m younger than I actually am). I’m from South Jersey, I love anime and k-dramas, and I’ve always been known as the bookworm within my friend group. My current obsession is And The Trees Crept In, which is a lovely, haunting, and magical read by Dawn Kurtagich. My other favorite authors include Sarah J. Maas, Penelope Douglas, Kresley Cole, Marie Lu, and L.J. Smith. The one thing they all have in common, besides being amazing writers, are the strong female characters that they write. Give me your sarcastic, your flawed, your morally-gray—and I will fall in love with them immediately. These are the women I look up to, and the women I aspire to portray within my own stories. I’ve dreamt of being a writer since I was little, but it was seeing the impact of the Twilight series on the world that really cemented the idea for me. Creativity has always been one of my strongest traits, which is why designing custom Funko pops has become a hobby of mine.

Her Media Links:

Twitter .  Instagram .  Etsy

pop 1.jpg

Guest Post – “Poppin” Bookshelves

The first custom Funko pops I ever made weren’t perfect—as first drafts never are, which every writer knows—but I still fell in love with the process and creativity of making them. I consider it my own form of fan art, since I’ve never been very good at drawing. The pops were of Aelin Galathynius from Throne of Glass, Feyre Archeron from A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Adeline Amouteru from The Young Elites. You can always tell which are my first custom pops because they have the worst eyebrows. I can barely even do my own. As everyone always says, practice makes perfect, and over a period of time, I bettered my techniques. Though I’d been asked before if I’d consider selling them, it wasn’t until several friends of mine asked me to make them pops for gifts that I realized it was an actual possibility.

As a bit of a perfectionist, I always thought that my pops were never truly ready to be sold. Until then. The feedback from my friends and family and just people who contact me through social media has been so amazing. I love being able to create a little piece of the world that readers fell in love with. My favorite part of making them is the vision—the less it looks like the original, the more I consider it a success. For example, Julian from The Forbidden Game who was made from a Karl Mordo figure and required a complete makeover. New skin tone, new hair, a silver rose. He was one of my first literary crushes, so I had to make sure I did him justice. Some of the smallest details are the most important (Feyre Archeron’s tattoos, Kaz Brekker’s scars, Blue Sargent’s colorful hair clips) when it comes to a character. After all, these tiny quirks are part of the reason we fall in love with them. I love when fans of a book are able to recognize right away exactly who a custom pop is meant to be. It means I’ve done my job.