Guest Post: “Self-Publishing: How I Came Full Circle” by Elana A. Mugdan

Meet Elana A. Mugdan. Elana A. Mugdan is an author and semi-retired filmmaker based in New York City. She has received many accolades in the film industry, including a number of awards for her feature film Director's Cut, which she wrote, directed, and produced by herself. Currently she is working with a production company in... Continue Reading →

Dragon Raider Blitz

Dragon Raider by Ava Richardson Genre: YA Fantasy Release Date: March 28th 2018 Summary: Will adapting to a changing world make one young woman lose touch with where she came from? Far from the kingdom of Torvald, on the Western Isles near the coast, Sea Dragons rule the skies. Lila is the daughter of the... Continue Reading →

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