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By Sara Ella
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: November 12th 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retellings, Mermaids, Fairy Tales
Multiple award-winning young adult author Sara Ella reimagines The Little Mermaid in a powerful and unexpected way.
Sixteen-year-old mermaid Coral has always been different, standing out from her stoic sisters in a society where blending in is key. Worse yet, she fears she has been afflicted with the dreaded Disease. Said to be carried by humans, the Disease imposes emotions on its victims, causing them to commit unspeakable acts. The growing illness inside her, while terrifying, fascinates her very core. Where others see danger, Coral sees life. Could it be the colorless merfolk who are truly ill?
Above the sea, seventeen-year-old Brooke Jordan has nothing left to give. A homeless girl abandoned and forgotten, the only thing Brooke can rely on is the ocean. Her aching feet find refuge within the cool and comforting waves, while her broken heart grows harder with each passing day. When Brooke’s and Coral’s worlds collide, everything alters in an instant. From learning to stand alone, to discovering the strength it takes to rely on another, the girls find that living requires taking that first painful breath. Each must make sacrifices, and when it comes to finding true love? Let’s just say the boys in their lives must learn to swim if they’re ever going to survive the storms.
Battling the odds against them, the girls will do whatever it takes to survive. But what must end for love and life to finally begin?
Taking a new twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairy tale, this modern-day story explores mental health from several perspectives, questioning what it means to be human in a world where humanity often seems lost.
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She’s not sick. She’s not.

Coral repeated the idea over and over in her head, clinging to the hope her belief would become truth if she willed it so.

But as her oldest sister’s tearless weeping carried on a steady current from down the palace hall, the idea she was, in fact, not sick became all the more a fantasy. Her sister’s once upon a time now led to an unhappily ever after, forever looming in the shadows of the end.

Coral’s oldest sister—the crown princess—was Diseased.

The Disease hung over their family, their people, following them in all they did. It was a spell that held them under. An illness from which their kind could not hide.

Coral would not allow it to drown her too.

About the Author

Once upon a time, Sara Ella dreamed she would marry a prince and live in a Disney castle. Today, she spends her days throwing living room dance parties for her two princesses, raising her little prince to be a king, and conquering realms of her own imaginings. Oh, and her husband is definitely more swoon-worthy than any Prince Charming.
Sara’s UNBLEMISHED trilogy has received high praise and multiple awards, but none as rewarding as the love and support she receives from her readers every day. Her new story CORAL, a reimagining of THE LITTLE MERMAID, releases in the fall of 2019.
When she’s not on deadline, Sara Ella can most often be found fangirling on Twitter, Instagram, or her YouTube channel. She may or may not be obsessed with #Bookstagram, and she has a serious condition known as “Coffee Snob-itis.” She believes “Happily Ever After is Never Far Away.”

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Cover Reveal: Kingdom of Sand & Wishes

Cover Reveal

Kingdom of Sand & Wishes: A Limited Edition Collection of Aladdin Retellings
Publication date: May 24th 2019
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Young Adult

Aladdin, but not as you remember it….

On the dusty streets, around the bustling bazaars, being overlooked by a Sultan’s Palace was a land. A land of magic, secrets and treasures buried deep beneath the desert.

Through Arabian nights, dark forces are at work. Dark forces that can threaten the peace of everyone in the Kingdom. Watch our authors as they answer the question, can three wishes save the day?

Join our award winning and USA Today best selling authors for nine action packed fantasy and contemporary retellings with Sultans, sorcerers, romance and more magic than a genie’s lamp can hold.

One click now for your happily ever after….



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Interview with Elizabeth Lim

Author Interview

Meet Elizabeth Lim.

Elizabeth Lim grew up on a hearty staple of fairy tales, myths, and songs. Her passion for storytelling began around age 10, when she started writing fanfics for Sailor Moon, Sweet Valley, and Star Wars, and posted them online to discover, “Wow, people actually read my stuff. And that’s kinda cool!” But after one of her teachers told her she had “too much voice” in her essays, Elizabeth took a break from creative writing to focus on not flunking English.

Over the years, Elizabeth became a film and video game composer, and even went so far as to get a doctorate in music composition. But she always missed writing, and she turned to penning stories when she needed a breather from grad school. One day, she decided to write and finish a novel — for kicks, at first, then things became serious — and she hasn’t looked back since.

Elizabeth loves classic film scores, books with a good romance, food (she currently has a soft spot for arepas and Ethiopian food), the color turquoise, overcast skies, English muffins, cycling, and baking. She grew up in Northern California, with a brief stint in Tokyo, Japan, but now lives in New York City with her husband.

Elizabeth graduated from Harvard College with a degree in music and a secondary in East Asian Studies, and completed her graduate degrees at the Juilliard School.

She is represented by Gina Maccoby of the Gina Maccoby Literary Agency.

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The Blood of Stars


The Interview

I saw fanfiction and squealed. How has your fanfiction shaped you as a reader and writer? Oh and dare I say it… fangirl? 

Haha, writing fanfiction definitely shaped me as a writer, simply by instilling a love in me for writing! As a kid, I always liked writing short stories, but I usually did them for class assignments and rarely on my own time. Discovering fanfiction totally changed that. I was a huge Star Wars and Sailor Moon nut, among other fandoms, and I started out reading other people’s stories online before deciding to try my hand at writing my own.

Borrowing characters that already exist and making them your own is a fantastic exercise for beginning writers, because so much of the world building is already done so you don’t have to agonize over little details and can get straight into juicy character developments and original plots. Once I was brave enough, I posted my stories online, and I learned so much from the community’s feedback. Anyway, to make a long story short, writing and reading fanfiction was critical to my development as a writer — it helped me love the art, and be open to honing my craft.

Wow. The “too much voice” in your essays really hits home for me. I gave up creative writing two years ago after a professor said there was “too much me” in my writings. How did you overcome the self-doubt when you did start writing again? 

This was tough fr me. Honestly, in college and much of grad school I gave up creative writing to focus on composing good, academic papers. At some point, I don’t know when, I just missed creative writing so much that I started doing it for fun again, and at least until I graduated, I had to compartmentalize my essay-writing brain and my novel-writing brain. It wasn’t easy though — one of my professors definitely warned me that my writing sounded too much like music journalism, and that I sounded like I was trying to entertain my reader, lol (like that’s a bad thing), and in my creative writing, I could see myself overthinking things and making everything way more complicated than it needed to be. Having supportive friends and family helped me get through it, and not being too hard on myself while focusing on getting better.

Does your degree in music, and therefore love of music, ever trickle into your writings or writing habits? 

For sure! I try to pay attention to the rhythm of my words, and you’ll find little homages to music here and there in my stories! I also really love writing musical themes for my characters — it helps me get to know them better!

What is your favorite myth or fairy tale? 

Ahhh this is a tough one. I have so many loves…I love the Eros and Psyche myth, Wild Swans, East of the Sun, the Chinese legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver…you may see hints of a bunch of these in THE BLOOD OF STARS 😉

Reflection is published this year. The next is in the works. Did you suffer any book two syndromes when you began pitching and later writing The Blood of Stars? 

Nope! I actually started writing THE BLOOD OF STARS before I began work on REFLECTION, so I neatly avoided book two syndrome. BoS is the book of my heart, so I was so thrilled when it sold. I am getting nervous and excited about writing BoS II though!

Is there anything you’d like to share with the readers today? 

First off, I feel like all people who love reading books are like kindred souls to me, so high fives all around! Secondly, thanks for taking the time to read this interview (and thank you, Rae for hosting!), and thirdly, I’m really excited to share REFLECTION: A TWISTED TALE and THE BLOOD OF STARS with you all!


Happy (slightly early) book birthday!

For more information stop by Lim’s website or check out your local bookstore to grab your copy.

To Kill a Kingdom Review

Book Reviews
***Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own. Just to be safe, this may contain some spoilers or spoiler-y hints.***         


to kill a kingdom.jpg                                                                                       

“Technically, I’m a murder, but I like to think that’s one of my better qualities.” Alexandra Christo, To Kill a Kingdom


To Kill a Kingdom Review

By: Yours truly – Rae


As always, the whisper of a YA fairy tale retelling fills me with dread and excitement. I’ve always adored fairy tales and The Little Mermaid, both Disney and Andersen versions, inspired numerous adventures as a kid and during college writing sprints. After receiving an ARC of To Kill a Kingdom, I took a deep breath and dived right in *pun possibly intended* and let me tell you… I was BEDAZZLED. Ladies and Gentlemen… I have a new favorite book and a top pick for 2018. Alexandra – thank you. Now let me tell you why.

I wasn’t being sold anything when it comes to a good character and a bad character. In fact, all the characters have bluntly obvious dark sides and that just made it oh so better. Even more so, all the characters? Bad. Deliciously bad. The prince, Elian, is a pirate who kills sirens, doesn’t want the crown, and feels most at home among a motely crew of misfits. *cue the dreamy sigh* The princess, Lira, is a siren, murderer of – wait for it – princes, and in line for the watery throne only to be constantly bullied – a nice term here and not what I really want to say – by her mother the Sea Witch. Throw in those wonderful side characters from Lira’s cousin Kahlia, best friend, crew, crew, and you got a cast that is relatable, loveable, and even redeemable if you see it fit to redeem them.

The Little Mermaid wasn’t sole focus here and I loved that. Surprising, I know. Anyway, I could pick out key parts and characters but To Kill a Kingdom became a beauty all its own – with a fairy tale twist! I loved how Christo played off the desires of fairy tales too. The characters mocked, ignored, and outright denied the stories and yet followed them because some part of them believed in the impossible. Me? I want to believe in the impossible. Hence why I’m tempted to go out to sea, fling myself in, and see what happens. Okay… maybe not but I can still dream right?

I could continue with the review and rave about the smooth plot, beautiful scenery descriptions, flow of the voice, and character growth, but honestly you just need to read To Kill a Kingdom and decide for yourself.


Need your copy of To Kill a Kingdom? Buy links can be found on Christo’s site.


My rating: 5/5

Twisted Fairy Tales Series Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal


Breathless (Twisted Fairy Tales #1)
Genre: YA
Release Date: September 2018
Gryfyn Publishing
Summary from Goodreads:
What if The Little Mermaid was a boy?
Son of Poseidon.
God of the ocean.
Prince of the sea.
Adrian lives as a merman, ruling the city of Aquatica. On his twenty-first birthday hundreds of eligible mermaids gather at the palace in hopes of becoming Adrian’s bride… and queen of his underwater kingdom.
But all the ocean isn’t enough, for Adrian dreams of living on land. During a violent storm, Adrian witnesses a beautiful surfer named Maria be swept underwater by a powerful wave. Just before she drowns, Adrian swims in and saves her life.
Taken by Maria’s beauty, Adrian seeks the help of the sea warlock Stavros, who has the power to change him into a human permanently. Adrian has three days to convince Maria to fall in love with him… or the ocean and all who inhabit it belong to Stavros.
Will Adrian win Maria’s heart? Or he will lose the power of the sea, forever?
The perfect summer beach read, Breathless is a fairy tale retelling of Greek mythology and modern legend. This new adult fantasy is sure to delight fans of bestselling author Megan Linski’s Kingdom Saga and Shifter Prophecy series.


Lost (Twisted Fairy Tales #2)
Genre: YA
Release Date: October 2018
Gryfyn Publishing
Summary from Goodreads:
What if Peter Pan was a girl?
Neverland sits in ruins.
The Pirate Queen wages war.
Pandora’s only hope lies in a boy… with no powers.
It’s been a century since the Pirate Queen banned all men from the island. Pandora and her Lost Girls hide in crumbling palaces of rulers long gone while pirates terrorize the land. Pan’s only solace is sneaking off to the human realm with her pixie, Tinkerbeau, and spying on the most fascinating creatures she’s ever seen… humans.
Tucked away in the flats of London, Pan discovers a lonely boy with an astonishing connection to Neverland. She whisks him away to give as a present to the Lost Girls, convinced he is the key to restoring peace. But as they prepare to battle the Pirate Queen, a terrible truth is revealed.
There’s only one way to save Neverland.
But Pan’s past has a hidden secret, one that puts her friends— and all of Neverland— in danger.


Hunted (Twisted Fairy Tales #3) 
Genre: YA
Release Date: November 2018
Gryfyn Publishing
Summary from Goodreads:
What if Red Riding Hood was a boy?
What big eyes you have.
What large ears you have.
What sharp teeth you have.
Grandma always said to be careful of wolves. Ryder found out firsthand when he saw his grandma eaten alive by one as a child— the only problem is, no one else in his small town has ever seen a wolf.
Ryder is a normal high schooler… or so he thinks. When the tomboyish Cana transfers to his school at the beginning of his senior year, Ryder finally finds someone that doesn’t think he’s crazy.
Then crazy finds him. Students and hunters alike go missing, and Ryder sees wolves around every corner. Despite his warnings, no one listens, and Ryder finds himself in a situation he can’t escape… and in a forbidden romance with a shifter girl, whose loyalty belongs to her pack. 
Can he really be in love with a wolf? Will Ryder lose his heart… or his life?
Curl up on crisp Fall evenings and listen to lonely howls with Hunted, a timeless fairy tale retelling featuring action, adventure, and plenty of hidden twists. Fans of T. Ariyanna’s Of Magic series will love this new adult paranormal romance that’s the third installment in the fantastic Twisted Fairy Tales fantasy saga.
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Guest Book Review: Winter

Book Reviews, Guest reviewer

“Do me a favor princess . . . The next time someone says they’re going to kill you, don’t just let them. – Marissa Meyer, Winter


Winter Review
By: Claire Rankin

If you’ve seen the reviews for the to the installments of Marissa’ Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles and have yet to get to Winter, not to fear! There are no spoilers in this review.

In November it will be one year since Winter hit the shelves as the final installment of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. The fairy-tale inspired plot which began with Cinder has been wrapped up beautifully in Winter. So hold onto your hats everyone as we give you a little preview!

Your favorite characters are back and, as per usual, have no end of troubles. Thorne and Cress continue their dance through Cress’ nervousness and Thorne’s own insecurity, while Scarlet and Wolfe are still separated causing his temper to be on a razor’s edge. Winter, the beloved princess of Luna, watch as the palace walls bleed and Jacin, her beloved guard, is doing all he can to prevent her from entirely losing her mind. So throw in a Lunar revolution, a few evil thaumaturges, and a well woven plot for Marissa Meyer to let this party go out with a bang.

Winter acts as a wonderful ending to a fun series. In a plot turn I didn’t see coming, Queen Levana finally reveals how truly mad, mad crazy not mad furious, she is in a rambunctious cat fight with Cinder for the throne of Luna.

As usual I ask you not take my word for it and see what other had to say about the novel:

“Our Snow White stand-in, Winter, is beautiful in spite of facial scars, kind to all she encounters, mentally fragile, and in love with her lowly guard, Jacin . . . Meyer’s series has sold well and achieved a degree of acclaim. This conclusion’s cinder-block size should only drum up further interest.” ―Booklist.

“Meyer has a way of dragging out the most minute of details until the storyline is so dredged and prodding, it borderlines boring. On the other side of the coin, her characters are strong, resolute, and their personalities are wondrous to explore between chapters.” — Customer review via Amazon.

Visit Marissa Meyer at her website to learn more about the Lunar Chronicles!