Madness Monday: Artwork – “It Takes a Village” 2017

October Spooky Features

Meet Ariane Guthier.

Hello, I’m Ariane Guthier, but my paint name is AG3. I’m a mostly self-taught artist located out of Harrisburg PA. During the summer months, I sell my art at music festivals all over the east coast. I like to collect and play odd musical instruments, my favorites being the singing saw and the theremin. I am a great lover of surprises and pranks, true personal stories, and especially jokes. I draw a lot of my inspiration from dreams, mythology, cartoons, and the wonderful creatures I meet at music festivals.

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The Artwork.

“It Takes a Village” 2017

This piece was based off of a great, long mystery that started to unfold for me in the spring of 2017. I suddenly had memories I didn’t know existed, life was haphazard and confusing. This painting became my way of sorting through details and emotions unconsciously. I have made better pieces since, but they do not have such a deep emotional connection to me. Often, people see new things every time they encounter this painting. The harder you look, the more you find – which I think is a very good representation of exactly what I was dealing with.



Madness Monday: Poem – Untitled

October Spooky Features, Poetry, Writing

megan fehrMeet Megan Fehr.

Megan Fehr is a graduate of English studies and pursues the art of poetry in her spare time. Writing was not always her marked interest until her love of languages and deliberate practice compelled her to manifest her ideas on printed paper. Megan’s handful of poems construes a serious, oftentimes melancholy, tone; however, her poems are not to be taken literally. The art of forming her experience into written word through rhymes and adjectives allows Megan to share her internal thoughts and emotions that are not shared with anyone else. Exposing herself through poetry has been quite intimidating, but she wants to contribute her passion to anyone that is encouraging. Not only has writing been a safe haven for Megan, but consistently reading historical fiction and fantasy in her adulthood brought back the urge and longing to read that she has not felt since her younger school years. Unfortunately, her higher education at a university forced her to neglect her favorite diversion. Megan Fehr is of Irish and German descent and longs for the travel to Great Britain and Germany, in pursuit of her ancestral culture. From there, she will most likely feel at home and content with her surroundings. When she has the chance, Megan appreciates the solitude of walking in nature and the frivolity of the Renaissance Faire, complete with different costumes on occasion. History and meditation complete Megan’s reality while finishing each poem.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” – Sirius Black (J.K. Rowling) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


The Poem.

Like molasses oozing,

Snake-like, down the corridor,

A dark, putrid liquid reaches

For the stone, cobwebbed floor.


Its stain congeals in an abhorrent manner

Against the bottommost stair

Resembling the concord wine in a decanter

And spirits that are shared


Amongst the doe-eyed reception below.

A tiny drop… silence;

Another drop, following a shrill shriek

Throughout the ever-mindless


Gathering. Gasps and echoing screams

Collide and clang up the stairwell

Toward a dank, infested room

Where a monstrous silhouette begins to swell.


Awake! The mind shouts of the intrepid

Creature, urging its horrific transmutation

Onward, its goal to breathe in the last

Fragments to complete its subjugation.


Unbeknownst amid the flurry,

The Creature stalks down

The stairs in search of its prey,

Tantalizing the crowd’s drowned


Excitement. For this ceaseless night

Will be its last, considering all

Surrounding the room will perish

And be scaffolded upon the wall.


Madness Monday: “Little Talks” by Kate McGourty

October Spooky Features

Meet Kate McGourty.


Kate McGourty is a poet living in Lancaster City, PA. She draws inspiration from all facets of life: love, family, sexuality, and occasionally nature.

She gets paid to work in a library and she returns always to language to make her way in the world.


***Disclaimer: All rights are the authors with the permission given to share for this special blog themed feature.


The Feature.

“Little Talks”

A flash fiction piece  based on the song by Of Monsters and Men. This is my imagining of what their child would perceive. 


She’s so pretty on the days when the voices speak. Her face is soft, listening. She laughs at them and I laugh, too, even though I can’t hear what they are saying. He doesn’t laugh. He is worried. He says, “Your mind is playing tricks on you, my Dear.” He says the truth is a thing that varies.

The stairs creak when she sleeps, it keeps her awake. She doesn’t like our house when she’s alone. He takes her hand and walks the hall with her. They are playing a game: the house is a ship, taking them safely to shore. She isn’t afraid, when he’s there.

She tells him that some days, she can’t even trust herself. “It’s killing me to see you this way,” he whispers. He never cries where she can see him.

They used to go outside, he tells me. He sighs. “We were full of life, then, full of love.”

He sings to me, but he is sad. He brushes my hair. He says she’s gone away, I can only see her when I sleep.

Some nights, I wish I heard the voices, too

I wonder if they sound like her?