Cress Guest Book Review

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“‘She’s just a Lunar shell—she isn’t worth it.’

If you honestly believe that,’ said Thorne, stowing the gun again, ‘then you really don’t recognize true value when you see it.

– Marrisa Meyer, Cress

Cress Review

By: Claire Rankin

Cress was released in February 2014 a little more than a year after its predecessor Scarlet. As the third novel in The Lunar Chronicles it is a great, as well as fast, read. There may be some spoilers in this review as the plot has begun to thicken. If you hate spoilers please refer to the reviews available to Cinder and Scarlet. If, however, like me 😉 you find some spoilers wet your appetite for your reading choices, then please continue. Well, here we go again boys and girls!

Cress opens almost immediately after the events of Scarlet the second installment in The Lunar Chronicles Marissa Meyer wastes no time in getting right into the thick of it once again. Stuck on a small satellite orbiting Earth, Crescent Moon has been almost completely alone for her entire life. Other than Little Cress, a computer program of herself at the age of eleven, for company she hacks into the Earthen News feeds and does what she can to monitor her queen’s cruel actions. When Luna is in her view she hides under her bed scurrying around her small home like a spooked chipmunk and singing opera. She dreams of kissing Carswell Thorne, who cannot be as selfish as the world makes him out to be. One day, however, her world changes when Cinder and her small band of misfits tell her they will rescue her.

True to form it all goes horribly awry. Satellites crash. Thaumaturges are shot. Scarlet is kidnapped and Cinder’s entire set of plans go horribly wrong. All of our beloved character’s return in this third installment in a much beloved series. Cress, briefly introduced in both the first two books, makes her first full appearance traveling along side Carswell Thorne as they depend on each other more than perhaps any other pair in the course of the series. Cinder and Wolf have to deal with the disappearance of Scarlet while Jacin, loyal only to the Lunar princess, has secrets of his own behind cold blue eyes. Scarlet gives nothing away as she is held on Luna and Princess winter is introduced and, let me tell you, she may out crazy Ophelia from Hamlet. Ike gets a wonderful gift from Thorne and Kai continues to not sleep as Earth and Luna are pushed even further towards war.

As usual we wish for you to have a varying supply of opinions. See what others have to say about Cress:

“Cress fills in more historical details about Earth and Luna’s relationship—most of which will be of no surprise to the reader—and Cinder’s rebirth as a cyborg. Fans of Scarlet and Wolf may be disappointed that their relationship takes a backseat to the newly introduced pairing. As always, Meyer excels at interweaving new characters that extend beyond the archetypes of their fairy tale into the main story. Readers will eagerly await the final installment of this highly appealing and well-constructed series.”—Marissa Lieberman, East Orange Public Library, NJ

“Once again, Meyer offers up a science fiction fantasy page-turner that salutes women’s intelligence and empowerment, with a subtle warning of the perils of misusing that power. Old and new romances, unfinished story lines, and the prognostication of wartime horrors all pave the way for Meyer’s much anticipated next installment.” — Booklist

Cress and the first two installments of The Lunar Chronicles are available on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble, as well as on their website, and other books stores near you. In all you literary endeavors we wish you enjoyment! Have fun reading everyone! 🙂

Scarlet Guest Book Review

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scarlet book cover.png

A flicker of kindness passed over him and he pointed at his temple. ‘You’ll want to aim for the head. That usually makes for a fatal shot. Or, if your feeling shaky, the torso. Bigger target.’”

— Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

Scarlet Review

By: Claire Rankin

Scarlet was released in February of 2013 so like most of our titles it has been on shelves for awhile. However, that doesn’t mean that it is any less of a quality read. Oh and don’t worry I won’t reveal any spoilers! So here we go :-).

Scarlet opens, almost immediately, where Cinder left off giving readers very little time to recover from the climatic ending of Marissa Meyer’s first installment of The Lunar Chronicles. While the action begins quickly with Linh Cinder, Meyer does a beautiful job of weaving Scarlet Benoit’s story into the present plot line and while it may seem, at times, slow the reader’s patience will be rewarded in full.

After the buzz surrounding the girl at the ball, Cinder is one on everyone’s mind including the wonderful Kai, who finds her nearly impossible to forget. Meanwhile, Queen Levana is still attempting to make her moves onto Earth, as treacherous as ever. Cinder continues to get a grip on her gift and there is a whole new kind of threat from Luna to worry about. This sequel in The Lunar Chronicles does its predecessor justice by introducing new characters while keeping already beloved ones close to the readers heart.

Cinder returns with a spunky attitude, Lunar gift, and handy new hand. Kai makes an exhausting entrance as his new post wears him down to the bone and a new issues threatens his kingdom. Ike returns in a her body she dislikes though her humor adds much needed fun to the stressed atmosphere abroad the Rampion. New characters such as Carswell Thorne the charismatic American captain of the Rampion add some humor. Meanwhile, Scarlet Benoit the feisty farm girl who finds herself wrapped up in Lunar politics, and Wolf, the street fighter with many secrets, bring new life to the story of the cyborg orphan who yearns for a family.

Scarlet delivers the reader a thrilling new story with humor and romance. As always we wish for you all to get second opinions so please see what other had to say:

“Returning fans of Meyer’s Cinder will gladly sink their teeth into this ambitious, wholly satisfying sequel.” ―Publishers Weekly

“The sci-fi elements are stronger than the fairy-tale allusions this time out, but the story remains just as absorbing. . . . Readers will be thrilled to discover that this steampunky fairy-tale/sci-fi mashup promises two more installments.” ―BCCB

The author has stepped up the intrigue and plot from the first novel, and readers will be eagerly awaiting the next.” ―School Library Journal

If you find the review for Scarlet tantalizing, please check out our review for Cinder as well. Both Cinder and Scarlet can be found in books stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and others near you. Hope you all have fun reading even if it isn’t Scarlet! Enjoy your books all! 🙂