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Reign of the Fallen Review
By: Yours truly – Rae

“The giant Shade was baiting us. Hunting us, when we thought we were hunting it.” – Sarah Glenn Marsh, Reign of the Fallen

So… the Dead are still among the living and are essentially glorified zombies, you get paid handsomely to raise said Dead and are respected for it, and change is non-existent because it is bad… hello Reign of the Fallen. Let’s get started shall we?

Right away I connected with the lead character nicknamed Sparrow. I hated her, loved her, was jealous of her, and annoyed with her frequently depending on her mood and mine throughout Marsh’s story. Of course, Sparrow goes through a ton – raising the dead that could turn into a Shade “aka something you never want to meet in a dark alley unless you don’t want your soul anymore” and handling a new job as a Master Necromancer, with favor among the elite, isn’t exactly easy. Throw in missing Dead, a tearful (still not recovered plot twist), a brewing unrest, and giant-sized shades and you about sum up Reign of the Fallen. I can’t give away too much, I feel like there is a mine field of spoilers to navigate but I’ll continue trying.

Moving away from Sparrow, just for a moment, I have to fangirl appropriately over my man Jax. I love this character so much. He was a little weird with his love of meat on the raw side, the need to wear a formal old-fashioned cloak to parties, and his not so nice (blunt – oh he was so blunt) when speaking… that who wouldn’t love this guy? I need more from him and cannot wait to see how he develops along with the other ragtag group of characters. Evander was a sweetheart. I totally felt for him and his desire to explore and see the world. Simeon and Danial yes please – so adorable together and indivdually! Princess Valoria you can totally save the world girl, don’t stop dreaming. Kasmira… how can I not love weather controlling powers? Meredy… you do you because being a beast master is kickbutt.

What I’m really getting at here is that each character was unique from Simeon’s need to crack a joke to ease the tension to Jax and his anger at the uncontrollable situations he is in. I didn’t feel like they followed the familiar stereotypes of this is how they should or shouldn’t act. They have nasty habits, but they grow and they deserve it. I feel like Reign of the Fallen was really about the characters and change because change was everything in this book.

Which means I should touch on Sparrow again because she really goes through the ringer *insert plot twist I am not over and then multiple other twists I saw coming but hated anyway.* She is actually in a dark place the majority of Marsh’s story. Most of the time it isn’t pretty. She is drunk, drugged, and borderline suicidal. She also is selfish and guilted ridden. I know I don’t make it sound like she is a winning character but I connected with her because of her dark moments and faults. She has a lot of growing left to do.

Should I mention the bad guys… no wait spoilers. Bad guys are bad but with a purpose and not just thrown in to be bad.

Onto plot, scenery, and themes. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I wanted more scenery details of the time, even though the Deadlands “aka the place souls go after they die” was very cool.

I think I’ve rambled on enough. If you couldn’t tell I really did enjoy Reign of the Fallen and in truth, read it in a day much to the annoyance of my Shepherd pup.
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Visiting Blogger Guest Review

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Blogger Note from yours truly: Please give a warm welcome to Jess from Roses in Ink! She is a new romance blogger who is visiting us here at A New Look On Books. Welcome Jess and thank you!

A little bit about Jess.

Hi there! My name is Jess, and I’m a PNW country girl turned Edinburgh vet student. I run a romance book review blog over at Roses in Ink. I’m also a huge fan of quotes, and Charles Bukowski is one of my favorites. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and make sure to keep up with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Now for her fabulous review.

Real Good Man takes us into the heart of Gold Haven, Kentucky, and the small town life that ensues there. There’s definitely a country girl hiding inside me, so I loved these as much as the rest of March’s books with these characters. Though this book and its sequel can definitely be read as standalone novels, there are two other series set in the lives of these characters. Nonetheless, Kentucky is as good a place to start as any! Read on and let me know in the comments or on social if you uncovered a hidden cowgirl as well!

Real-Good-Man-FOR-WEB-360x570.jpgReal Good Man in 85 Characters or Less
E-relationship between car restorer and NYC partier turns real in small-town KY

Full Plot Summary
Fall for a woman over text messages? No way in hell. Reality can never be as good at the fantasy, right? Wrong. It’s better.

Banner Regent is smart, funny, and she’s so far out of my league, she might as well be royalty.

I’m a mechanic from Kentucky. She’s a New York City party girl.

We were never supposed to meet, but one text started something neither of us saw coming.

How do you seduce the woman who already has everything?

Show her what it’s like to be with a real good man.

Guest Review

By Jess, Roses in Ink

Banner is a HOOT
With a name like Banner Regent, it’s not a surprise that there’s some humor following around this party girl. The mishaps that she finds herself in and both her and her friend’s reactions had me cracking up with laughter so much that I dropped my Kindle on my face…twice. It happens, folks. I don’t want to say too much on the stories (you’ll have to read and find out for yourself), but just prepare yourself for a good laugh.

What’s more, though, is how she handles some of the embarrassing situations. Yes, her methods are humorous, but they’re also insanely confident. She doesn’t care what other people think of her, she doesn’t care that she made a fool out of herself in a professional setting, and she doesn’t care that literally every eye in Gold Haven is focused on her. Banner’s admirable in her self-confidence, and it’s amazing reading about confident girls. They make you feel like you can be one.

Small Town Life Is…Unique
Nix just Banner, this whole book is going to make your tummy hurt. Gold Haven is pretty much exactly what you’d expect of a small town in the south: gossip mills like no other, mothers marrying their daughters off, and food. Lots of food. Poor Logan gets the brunt of all of this. He handles the attention and life he lives like the best of them, and it’s amazing how truly he sticks to his goals and ideals, but you can’t help but laugh at the situations he finds himself in as he tries to respect both himself and the women around him. Again, don’t want to say too much… read it!

Short Read Time – There’s a Sequel?
I feel like so many authors are tending to do this nowadays, and I understand how it could pay off from a business perspective, but it’s a pain for a reader to go through two short books with a cliffhanger in the middle instead of a longer but complete novel. Real Good Man had a Kindle read time of just over an hour and three-quarters, and it probably took me about an hour and a half, tops. Like many of March’s books, there was a cliffhanger at the end, and there’s an equally long sequel.

This may just be personal preference, but I’d have loved to read the entirety of Banner and Logan in one sitting, in one novel. I could have said this for some of the other books, but something about their story seemed exceptionally short to me. Anyone else feel this way?

Holy Hot Cowboys
Okay, Logan’s a car mechanic and restorer, but still…

Logan is the perfect southern gentleman the you’d expect out of a small town in Kentucky. He opens car doors for girls, pays for their meals, and says ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’. He works with his hands and he’s humble, even though he’s a successful business owner. He’s caring and protective toward the people he considers family, including ones who have passed and ones struggling through personal issues.

Put him in the bedroom, and all the niceties fall to the wayside in favor of true manliness. Throughout the story, Banner gives examples of dates she’s been on with Manhattan men, and Logan blows all of those completely out of the water. That’s the point of the book, right? Show Banner what it means to be a real man? He absolutely nails that one on the head, and you’ll fall in love with Logan just as much as Banner does by the end of the book.

Where to Buy
Amazon (US)
Amazon (UK)
Barnes and Noble (US)
Powell’s Books (Oregon, US)
Hudson Booksellers

mm-instagram-1-300x300.jpgAuthor Biography
Meghan March is the USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen novels.

Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure.  She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

Meghan is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Make sure to keep up with Meghan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


Day 9: Psychological; Guest Review of Rosa Fedele’s The Red Door

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“I hurtled through the uneven grass towards the grove of trees. The two smaller men followed me, laughing and calling out obscene threats; this was just a game to them.”

– Rosa Fedele

Red Door cover.jpg

The Red Door
  A Review by Linnéa Ryan

The Red Door by Rosa Fedele is a period mystery set in 1980s Australia. Like all good mysteries it is rife with red herrings, secrets, and lies. The novel follows many threads that weave in and out of each other, but they all intersect with Madeleine. A compelling dichotomy of wounded fragility and stubborn resilience, Madeleine is the curious, new landlady of an old estate named Rosalind. She comes to find that she may have received more than she bargained for when Rosalind proves to be at the heart of many dangerous secrets—secrets which some would go to terrible lengths to keep buried in the past.

Within the pages of The Red Door, readers will find themselves racing to piece together the clues presented to solve the novel’s many mysteries: Who is the illusive tenant in Number Three? Who is watching Anne and Madeleine? Is there really more to Monique than her villainous vanity? Who were Zahra and Amirah Billah? Why were they murdered?

When it comes to the author’s style of writing, Fedele’s prose is almost cinematic in nature. Even without the smattering of illustrations between select chapters, one can easily tell that an artist wrote the book. Acute attention is given to visual details throughout, from elaborate descriptions of landscapes and the intricacies of the Rosalind estate, to the eccentricities of the outfits that adorn her large cast of characters. Material items and the space they reside in are a large part of Fedele’s writing style. Her transitions between passages almost lend themselves better to a cinematic format than writing however, as they can be somewhat jarring in their quest to be mysterious and pull the reader too far out of the story’s rhythm.

That being said, it is this rich, sensory imagery that is one of Fedele’s strongest suits as a writer, along with her attention to relationships. One of the most captivating aspects of The Red Door is the achingly tender relationship between Madeleine and a young teenager named Claudia. The multiple mysteries of the novel are often overshadowed by the earnest depictions of Claudia’s abusive home life and her struggle to free herself.  It is through the unfolding of their unlikely mentorship that Fedele’s true voice as a writer shines through. You may pick up The Red Door for its mysteries but it is the book’s poignant exploration of the bonds of friendship between women that will stay with you long after you’ve put it down.

The Red Door can be purchased here.
More information about Rosa Fedele can be found here.

Unexpected Rewards Promo

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Unexpected Rewards_1400x2100.jpgUnexpected Rewards (Not Every Girl #2)
by Jane McGarry
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: August 11th 2016
Clean Reads

Summary from Goodreads:

Olivia Davenport is looking forward to her future. After all, Prince Liam has professed his love and King William has promised her a reward for her role on a recent mission. She fully expects to continue her knightly training while enjoying a blossoming romance with her Prince. The King, however, has other ideas, appointing her as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Helen.

Thrust into unfamiliar territory and left to fend against the malicious women of court, Olivia feels awkward and confused. With the help of her new friend, Kat, and her sister, Anne, she tries to find her footing among the courtiers, their protocol, and the added complication of Jocelyn Crawford, a lady who has her eyes set on becoming Liam’s bride.

When, a disturbing prophecy puts the safety of the King in question, fear spreads through kingdom. Intrigue abounds at the palace with an enigmatic witch and a strict Friar at the center of the controversy. Olivia must use her training and instincts to unravel what is truly going on in order to protect the King. Through it all, she questions if she will ever be able to fit into Liam’s life and if, in the end, their love can prevail.

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Book One Info:

noteverygirl_1400x2100.jpgNot Every Girl
by Jane McGarry
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: April 27th 2015
Clean Reads

Summary from Goodreads:

Olivia Davenport’s plan is destined to fail.

She is going through with it anyway, of course. After all, it is the chance of a lifetime. The unreasonable rules of others should not stand in her way.

In her small kingdom of Stewartsland, Olivia trains with the squires and harbors a secret dream. She longs to become a knight under the command of the Master-of–Arms, who just happens to be her father. He has indulged her passion so far, but they both know a simple fact – girls may not attain knighthood. Dismayed by the constant discouragement of her ambitions, she makes an impetuous decision to disguise herself as a boy in order to sneak on a mission. The consequences are not at all what she anticipated.

When her deception is revealed, she is sent home in disgrace; however, an unexpected turn of events puts her at the center of a dangerous plot against the King. The ensuing adventure finds her grappling with mercenaries and outlaws, yet these pale in comparison to her newly awakened emotions. She finds not only her life at risk, but also her heart, when the aloof Prince Liam begins to affect her in ways she never thought possible. In the end, it is her courage and unique spirit which must guide her through the challenges she encounters both physical and emotional.

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jane mcgarry.jpgAbout the Author
Reading was always a big part of my life. Creating my own stories developed out of this love. Finally, I decided to try my hand at writing a novel and that was when Not Every Girl was conceived.
I live in New Jersey with my husband, two sons and an extremely spoiled cat. When I am not running around with my family or writing, I can be found curled up with a good book and said cat. It is my belief that a good book, a loyal pet and anything made of chocolate can brighten just about any day.
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