Guest Post: “What I’ve Learned From Readers” by K.D.

Meet K.D.K.D. lives and writes in North Carolina, but has spent time in Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, New Hampshire, Montana, and Washington. (Common theme until NC: Snow. So, so much snow.) Mercifully short careers in food service, interactive television, corporate banking, retail management, and bariatric furniture has led to a much less short career in Higher... Continue Reading →

Lucy Cruickshanks Guest Post On: There are Too Many Books – Help!

Meet Lucy Cruickshanks. She is a multi-award shortlisted British novelist and co-founder of Her love of travel inspires her writing. A great fan of the underdog, she’s drawn to countries with troubled recent histories, writing about periods of time when societies are at their most precarious and fraught with risk. Her debut novel, The... Continue Reading →

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